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Spit Watch Day 5

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Still no word from Fisher on what the punishment will be for Spitman Jones.  He should make the announcement sometime this morning.  When he does I will let you know what it is.  I have been clear in my opinion of what I think it should be so I am not going to waste anymore time on that.

There is a nice article in The Tennessean today about Chris Hope.  I have said here before that Hope reminds me of Blaine Bishop who was a perennial Pro Bowler.  He set the tone for the Titan defenses that were among the best in the league.  Hope is a good building block for the secondary.  Now all the Titans need is a free safety that belongs in the NFL and a corner to play opposite of Spitman. (assuming he doesn't go to jail, sorry I can't help it)

David Climer talks in his column today about the message Bud Adams set by saying he will back Fisher in whatever he decides to do on Jones.  I alluded yesterday and Climer says today this is all but saying Fisher is not on the hot seat.  If Adams was not planning on having Fisher around he would step in or, more likely, have Steve Underwood step in to hand out the punishment.  I have said all along Fisher is the right guy for this team and he deserves the chance to see the rebuilding through and it appears Bud Adams feels this way too.  The boys over at are fighting a losing battle.