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Spitman to Only Miss One Game

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This is just ridiculous.  The article does say he will probably be fined.  Woo hoo!!  That a way to hit him where it hurts.  The article also says further action might be taken by the team.  That is a load of crap.  If they were going to do anything further they would have done it initially.

I have been a Fisher supporter but this might make me rethink that.  If it was just going to be one game why did he wait until today to do it?  Fisher lets Spitman walk all over him and there is no way this ends well with Jones and the Titans.  He is never going to learn if he never really gets punished.  That is fairly obvious because he hasn't learned yet.

He spends a night at a club, spits on a woman, can't pracitce the next day because he drank to much and then he only gets suspended for one game.  Why would he learn?  No one is forcing him too.  I am not sure how much he even cares about playing football.  I am sure he likes the money but if he really did care he would not put himself in these situations.

He will do something again.  Book it!  Maybe Fisher will take that one serious and we won't have to deal with him anymore.  Then again, probably not.  I am done with him and I will not cheer for him again.