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I have decided to start a Monday afternoon quotes tradition.  When a team is bad there are always interesing quotes after games.  Some quotes I will comment on and some will just speak for themselves.

I will start with the quote of the year from Keith Bulluck that was mentioned in the comments on my recap post.

"Horseshoes? I don't even like horseshoes. I don't play horseshoes."

Bulluck also took another little shot at Titans defensive coordinator Jim Scwartz.

"All Reggie Wayne did on that play was turn around and catch the ball. It was a Pop Warner play. But that's Peyton Manning, man,'' linebacker Keith Bulluck said. "We showed him the same look maybe three or four times in a row and he figured it out. But you know what? That's a lesson.''

Drew Bennett on coming up just short in Indy:

"The fact that we almost won, that we almost beat Indy at Indy, no one's going to walk out of here thinking, 'Yeah, we almost won.' That makes me sick. I expect to win,'' wide receiver Drew Bennett said. "The only good thing out of this is maybe more guys will expect to win now, more guys realize we can hang with anybody, and if we can put together a game we should be able to beat anybody in the league.''

This quote from Chris Hope added just because of how much I hate the Colts and Peyton Manning.  A little salt in the wound.

It reminded me of the playoff game here last year,'' Hope said, referring to his former team, the Pittsburgh Steelers. "This was a very similar situation. No one gave us a chance, and things got quiet. We were making plays. I kept telling the guys, 'Keep your head in it. This is doable.' ''

And the final quote from David Thornton.  I wish Peyton would have stayed up just a little longer as well.

"I was hoping he would stay high, but he saw me, and got down," Thornton said. "It was still good to hit him though, because I never could in practice."