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Titans @ Colts Open Thread

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First a small injury update.  Zach Piller is out for an indefenite period after sustaining an ankle injury in the Miami game.

And now for the keys to victory.

When the Titans have the ball.

1.  Run the ball.

The Titans should use LenDale White in this game to keep the high powered Colts offense off the field.  Colts DT Corey Simon is out for the year so they could be vulnerable up front.

2.  Protect the ball.

When you are playing a team that has an offense like the Colts do you cannot afford to turn the ball over.

3.  Let VY play his game.

In his first NFL start last week, VY looked like he was a little hesitant to take off and use his legs.  For the Titans to be successful today VY is going to have to run.

When the Colts have the ball.

1.  Pressure Peyton.

The Titans of the last couple of years have sat back and tried to protect against the big play when facing the Colts.  This is a nice theory but all it does is allow Peyton to go down the field in 8 plays instead of 4.  Don't be afraid to go after him because really what do you have to loose.

2.  Contain the run.

Against the Colts you cannot gear up to stop their running attack because if you bring anyone extra in the box Peyton will torch you.  What you have to do is limit their gains on the ground and keep them in 3rd and long situations.

3.  Force some turnovers.

It has been a while since the Titans have been a big turnover forcing defense.  Today would be a nice day for that to start again.  

This will probably be a long day but if the Titans can have some success in these areas they will at least make it a game worth watching.