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Pacman is taking his ball and going home

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Adam Jones will not speak to the media for the rest of the season.

"I'm through talking to you all," he (Jones) said.
Asked why, he said "I don't have to explain myself."

Adam is once again trying to improve his image.  Maybe he should call T.O.'s publicist.  I don't know for sure why he has decided not to talk to the media but I suspect it is because of the outlash to his "we need more thugs" comments and because of the Comments Frank Wycheck made earlier in the week.  

The above linked article also mentions that Brandon Jones will get the start this weekend in place of David Givens.  Hopefully he will step up and have a big game.  He showed some good playmaking ability last year when he averaged 13 yards per catch.

Haynesworth held a press conference yesterday in what will likely be the last time he talks to the media until he returns from his suspension.  I will say again that he seems to be a good guy who just has a really bad temper problem.  He seems to understand the severity of what he did and says he is going to get some counseling.  Good for him.  Hopefully he will stay in shape during the suspension and be ready to contribute when he comes back against the Eagles on November 19th (that is assuming no further action is taken by the Titans organization).

At least this team provides plenty of material for "blogging."  

I have a feeling that Peyton can pretty much name his number in this game.  Our chances are about as good as last week.  The only thing that gives us a shot is if we force multiple turnovers and get some good scoring chances.  I'm not going to bank on that happening.