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Wednesday Rundown

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There is a new anti-coach website up and running at  I have contacted them to see if they will answer a few questions.  The site is really well thought out.  They did their homework.

Haynesworth has decided not to appeal his suspension despite pressure from the NFLPA.  

"Albert wants to stand by his words. He said he deserved and would accept whatever the NFL decided to do, and he wants to stand by that,'' agent Chad Speck, who represents Haynesworth, said on Tuesday. "(The NFLPA) put quite a bit of pressure on him. They wanted him to do it.''

I applaud him for not back tracking on his comments.  He seems to be a stand up guy who just has a terrible temper.
The article also mentioned that his weekly radio show on 106.7 will continue on but maybe with other Titans in his place.  I know I am relieved.  Speaking of 106.7, has anyone listened to their afternoon "Sports Guys?"  Those guys might be the worst radio hosts ever.

Justin Hartwig spoke out on the incident that I mentioned yesterday.

?I wasn?t surprised. He kicked me in the chest when I was on the ground,? Hartwig recalled. ?So I wasn?t surprised when I saw it that he did something like that. ?When I was there with him, people in the media would always write stuff about how he had matured and everything, and I would see that and I would just laugh, because I knew he was still the same old guy.?
Former University of Memphis and Carolina Panther's defensive tackle Tony Brown was signed yesterday to take Haynesworth's spot on the roster.

By the way, there is a football game on Sunday.  We will start to look at the game later today.