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Spitman Still Dominating the News

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Mug shot for your viewing pleasure.

Jeff Fisher is expected to determine what disciplinary action will be taken against Jones before the team returns to practice tomorrow.  Something interesting in Jim Wyatt's article this morning:

It's expected that Jones will be suspended for the Jacksonville game and beyond. The maximum suspension the Titans can administer for conduct detrimental to the team is four games.

To infinity and beyond...Anyways, I had assumed it would be just one game but Mr. Wyatt seems to think otherwise.  Props to Fisher if he decides to hold him out multiple games.  The article also mentions that Bud Adams is behind Fisher on whatever he decides to do.  It is good that Fisher will be able to make this decision without having to worry about his job security.

Terry McCormick mentions in his article this morning this is the 7th time Spitman has been mentioned in a police report since he has been a Titan.  7 TIMES!!  That is just ridiculous.  It is also his 3rd arrest as a Titan and his 2nd in the last 3 months.  I am glad to see the progress he is making off the field.

My opinion on the subject is pretty obvious.  I would suspend him for the maximum 4 games.  Not because this incident is that bad but because he keeps doing this stupid stuff.  A stiff punishment would send a real message to him.  I don't think the Titans have sent a real message to him since he has been here.  I would also tell him if he does anything else he is gone.  Period.  He is a pretty good player and he would catch on with another team and maybe come back to bite the Titans but sometimes you just have to cut your losses.

I have trouble cheering for him.  I am as big of a Titans fan as you will find anywhere but I did not get that excited when he had the INT or the punt return for a TD on Sunday.  I was happy for the team because I want to see them win but it made me a little sick because it was Jones.  That is all I will say about that for now.  As soon as the punishment is handed out I will post it on here.

Now we will move on to things that are related to football.  That is what this site is supposed to be about.  DE Antwan Odom and LB David Thornton were both injured in the game on Sunday.  Odom has a knee injury and still has some swelling in his knee.  His status for Sunday is uncertain.  Thornton has a shoulder injury and his status is uncertain as well.  It will really hurt us if neither of those guys can go on Sunday.

This afternoon we will take a look at some thing around the NFL.