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Around the NFL

The trick or treat version of the NFL Power Rankings is out over at  The Titans made the leap to 22 this week, only one behind the defending Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers.  A win in Jacksonville on Sunday would probably put the Titans in the top 20.  The Chicago Bears are still holding down the top spot and the Arizona Cardinals are bringing up the rear.  "They are who they thought they were."  Unfortunately this is not true for the Cardinals as a lot of people were picking them to be a playoff team this year.

The coach approval ratings are just funny to look at every week.  Fisher is coming in at a solid 80% this week.  It is amazing what 2 wins in a row will do for you.  On the flip side Andy Reid has a 14% approval rating after his team has lost 2 in a row.  That is just stupid.  Reid is one of the best coaches in the league.  As I have said before, the NFL is the ultimate what have you done for me lately league. has a poll listed of the most overrated players in the NFL.  (CNNSI polled 361 NFL players)  The only reason I mention this is because Peyton Manning made the list and that makes me really happy.  (even though he has no business being on this list)  No surprise that TO came in at #1 but what is interesting is in an earlier poll TO was chosen as the best receiver in the NFL.

A poll of the most underrated players in the league was conducted as well and the winners were the Falcons Warrick Done and the Seahawks Sean Alexander.