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Monday Afternoon Quotes

Is it Monday yet?  Here are the quotes from yesterday's win.

Spitman Jones on his first career INT and his punt return for a TD:

chirp, chirp....

Oh wait, he doesn't talk to the media anymore.

Coach Fisher on why Jones was allowed to play:

"I was unable to get the specifics of the incident. Had I gotten the specifics of the incident and he had been remotely associated with it, then he would not have played," Fisher said Sunday. "I hope over the next few days to be able to determine what exactly happened and then we will take the appropriate disciplinary action.
"He may not play next week, I don't know. I am waiting to get the facts. But there is still a chance, a very good chance, that there will be some disciplinary action taken.''

Bud Adams on the Jones situation:

"We don't know all the facts on that,'' Adams said Sunday. "There are always two stories. When they know it's someone like Pacman, then it's 'Let's go after him and get some money out of him or something like that.' I'm not saying he did anything wrong until we find out a little more about it.''

Keith Bulluck on the winning streak:

"It feels great,'' said Keith Bulluck. "The last time we won two in a row we were a playoff team. ... Now we have to keep it going.''

C Kevin Mawae on the terrible field conditions:

"The field was awful," veteran center Kevin Mawae said. "The fact that we have to play in an NFL stadium and play on a field that somebody else chewed up the night before, it's tough. But you can't make any excuses for anything.
"It was a bad field. You've got to make sure you've got the right shoes regardless. But still you just don't expect to come out here and play in the NFL and play on a field of such poor quality like that."

Bobby Wade on his TD catch:

"I was supposed to be the guy setting the depth on that and Drew was supposed to be underneath me," Wade said. "They blew that some way, somehow. ... Vince (Young) found the open guy and I was just walking into the end zone after that."

Drew Bennett on the ball he caught but the idiot officials called incomplete:

"I don't know what that was," Bennett said. "I would have drug my foot if I thought it was even close."

Chris hope on his INT:

"I've always considered myself someone who tried to be a playmaker," Hope said. "I just try to put myself in position to be around the ball all the time. God has been on my side. I know He's going to continue to do his job, I just have to continue to do mine."
VY on beating the Texans:
"It means something to me, my family and all the fans back home in Houston, but at the same time it meant the most here. The Tennessee Titans wanted to get another victory coming off the bye. You know how it is coming off a bye, you've got to get back in the rhythm, but to us it felt like everything was clicking the offense, the defense and special teams.  So we just have to continue working and as a team getting better."

DT Troy Brown on his fumble recovery and TD run:

"When I picked up the fumble I just wanted  to see what I could get.  I didn't  know if anyone was behind  me that was quick enough to catch me. But, I kept hearing the crowd hollering and I just kept on running.  I figured if I got a step, I was going to keep running as hard as I could into the end zone for the score.
I didn't celebrate the touchdown, because that's not me. I was waiting on the rest of  the family to come in and celebrate with me. It wasn't  for me, the touchdown was for the team."