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Winning Streak and Spitman

It is truly sad that I am going to start this post off talking about Adam "Spitman" Jones.  He continues to be a distraction and I wonder how much more the Titans are going to take.  I know he had his first INT yesterday but my grandmother could have picked off that pass.  It fell right in his lap.  He also returned a punt for a touchdown.  Yahooo!!!!  There are plenty of guys out there that can return one punt a year for a TD.  I know you can't tell the players how to live their lives but someone in the Titans organization needs to sit Spitman down and tell him to stay out of clubs.  He obviously cannot control his emotions.  Maybe it wasn't him who spit in the girls face.  Unfortunately, he has made himself an easy target for this kind of stuff.  If Keith Bulluck was accused of this we would all believe him when he says it wasn't him.  No one will believe you Spitman because every few months you do something stupid.  I wish the Titans would get rid of him.

I am sick of all the people who are calling in complaining about a double standard with Spitman playing and Reynolds being suspended.  That is life folks.  Jimmy Johnson was quoted as saying once, "If a back-up special teams guy falls asleep during a meeting you cut him.  If Troy Aikman falls asleep you nudge him and ask him to wake up."  There are different standards for different people based on performance.

On the lighter side of this story, the woman who is accusing Jones of spitting on her claims she has the spit in a baggy.  That is funny.  Take a DNA swab and lets get this over with.  CSI Nashville baby.  A couple of interesting theories.  If this spit doesn't fit you must acquit.  Was this the magic loogie from Seinfeld or was there a second spitter?  Does anyone know if Roger McDowell was at the game yesterday?

Enough of the nonsense.  The Titans have put together their first winning streak since 2003.  Jeff Fisher should call Bud Adams today and ask him to pick up the extension because ole Bud is on cloud 9 today.  The 2 games against the Texans are apparently the most important games to Bud every year. Is it possible Adams told Fisher not to suspend Spitman for this game????  Just a thought.

VY continues to improve each week.  He still misses some throws but he wins games and that is the most important thing.  He showed a little bit of that running ability that we have all been so excited about yesterday.  I am excited to see what he does as he matures in the league.

The offense did sputter yesterday but it didn't matter because the defense managed some takeaways and even scored a TD.  Schwartz has managed to get himself off the hot seat with 3 solid performances in a row.  Chris Hope is a playmaker and gives the Titans the intimidating presence they have missed in the secondary since Blaine Bishop left.  I am excited to see this team get better this year and make a playoff run next year.

This afternoon will feature Monday Afternoon Quotes.