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5 Questions with

Trish over at was quick in answering the questions I sent.  

1.  Tell me about yourself.  (i.e. Where do you live?  How old are you?  How long have you been a Titans fan?)

I'm a 43 year old Web Developer that just happens to love football. I currently reside in Mississippi but was born and raised in Tennessee. I am a long time Oiler/Titan fan of about 25 years.

2.  What do you think about Fisher's coaching job so far this season?

I have no problem with his coaching. Of course I don't agree with every decision he makes but then I'm not the one coaching these guys. Salary cap issues, player problems and simply being a young team has a lot to do with our losing streak. Every team goes through this at some point or the other and we're no different. Jeff Fisher is still the best man for the job and losing him would prove disasterous in my opinion.

3.  Who is more to blame for the recent struggles of this team Fisher or Reese?

If I had to choose one, I'd go with Reese. He's responsible for the talent that comes in here and maybe some of our decisions in the draft weren't the wisest ones to make. BUT, I still believe the problems with this team are simply it's youth.

4.  Do you think Adams will keep Fisher?

I'm not sure but I hope Bud listens to the masses. It's easy to place the blame on Fisher but it doesn't mean it's true. Sit down Bud, take a long look at what's going on and I believe you will find that there needs to be changes but not at the head coach position.

5.  Will you sell more shirts that

Of course. :D

I think this youth thing is a little overplayed.  Improvement should be shown by this point.  That said, however, I don't think Fisher should get all of the blame.