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Have Things Hit Rock Bottom Yet?

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I sure hope so.

I apologize for the slowness of info on this site.  I had some family things to deal with this weekend and have not been close to a computer to update.

Fisher was on 104.5 the Zone morning show this morning and he is fed up.  He said he hopes this team never drafts another player with any kind of character issues coming out of college.  Fisher said, "They don't change!"  Was that a shot at GM Floyd Reese?  I hope Fisher get to stay around to rebuild this thing.  I think he can do it. has been launched.  I have emailed them to see if they would answer a few questions for me to post on here.  I run an equal opportunity blog.

In case you didn't see, Haynesworth was suspended 5 games.  This is the longest suspension ever handed out by the NFL for an onfield incident and as the article says it will cost Haynesworth about $200,000.  Hopefully he will get some anger management help during his time off.

Another interesting thing from this morning's radio show is that Frank Wycheck said, "This team will never win with Pacman Jones."  I thought that was very interesting coming from Wycheck who is usually a company guy.

Hopefully, we will get to discuss some football sometime soon.  I will have 5 questions with the guys over a Stampede Blue up sometime this week.