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Keys to the Game


The Titans finally face a team that they are at least as good as.  Here are the keys to the game:

When the Titans have the ball:

1.  Get Travis Rolling.

Travis Henry has gone off these last 2 games and the Texans run defense is not good at all.  If the Titans can establish the run like they have the last 2 games this game could be easily won.

2.  Run VY Run

Vince has yet to show that ability to pull it down and get big chunks like he did in college.  He will run more as he gets more comfortable in the offense.  Look for the Titans to call a few more designed QB run plays and also look for VY to take off a little more when he doesn't have anyone open.

3.  Protect the football.

The eternal answer in keys to the game.  The Titans can win this game straight up but they cannot afford to give the Texans a short field.

When the Texans have the ball:

1.  Pressure David Carr.

Carr has been sacked more in his career than just about anyone in the history of the game.  (ok probably not but he has been sacked a lot)  The Titans need to get to him so he doesn't have a chance to utilize his receivers, Eric Moulds and Andre Johnson.

2.  Limit big plays.

The Texans have a huge play threat in Andre Johnson.  The Titans need to limit the amount of looks he gets in the game.  They are also going to have to give either corner help who Johnson is matched up with because he is a large individual.

3.  Get some turnovers.

Another eternal key. The Titans could make this a blowout win if they force Carr into some bad throws that lead to INTs.  Giving VY and the offense some quick scoring chances will make for a fun day for Titans fans.