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We have waited a long time for a game since the win in Washington.  This game Sunday is a game many of us have had circled on the calendar since the schedule came out.  If you are like me you looked at this game as one of the few that was "winnable."  I don't have any games marked down this year as a win but some games are "winnable."  I felt a lot better about this game before the Texans showing last Sunday against the Jags.  They are going to come in here with some confidence.  The Titans need to jump on the Texans early to kill that energy.

Not a lot going on today in the form of news.  There is a nice article today in the Tennessean about the emergence of Travis Henry.  Where would this team be today without the 2 games Henry has had?  Henry is the opposite of many professional atheletes these days.  He had a rough year here last year and was deactivated for a game the day of this year.  In stead of pouting and demanding a trade he stepped up when his opportunity came.  I would be willing to bet that where ever Henry ends up next year he will be making more money that Chris "I am not going to get all the carries so I want out" Brown.  Here is what Henry has to say about it:

"Some guys, they are looking at me like, 'Why do we have him?' '' Henry said. "I know there were a lot of questions about me. And it was hard, man. I'm not going to lie. Last year was definitely the lowest point of my career.  "But for the most part, I got through it, and now I feel I'm better for it. I was patient, and I'm glad they've been patient with me.''

The Texans have a bad run defense giving up 138.5 yards per game.  Henry should be able to have a big game again on Sunday.  If the Titans can get Henry over 100 yards for the 3rd staright game it should translate into a win.

Zach Piller was placed on IR yesterday meaning he will not play at all the rest of this year.  This decision was made easier by the emergence of David Stewart at tackle which enabled Jacob Bell to move inside and play guard.

Bud Adams and Bruce Matthews are among 111 nominees to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  Other notables on the ballot are Randall Cunningham, Terrell Davis, Ricky Watters, Eric Allen, LeRoy Butler, Carnell Lake, Randall McDaniel and Steve Wisniewski.  Other owners of note are Jerry "I love me some Romo" Jones, Art "The Son of Cleveland" Modell and Ralph Wilson.

Tune in tomorrow for keys to the game.