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Adams Family

I heard them talk about this picture on 104.5 yesterday and I found it on John McClain's blog.

That is some funny stuff.

Now to the news of the day.  This article in the City Paper pretty much sums all of the news of the day.  Rob Reynolds will not be active on Sunday and his future with the team is in jeporady.

"I've made the decision. He's not playing," Fisher said. "He was not here today because I asked him to leave the facility. Whether he's here over the next couple of days remains to be seen. I'm still gathering facts, but he won't play this weekend. That's all I can say right now."

David Givens practiced yesterday but is still not sure if he will be able to go on Sunday or not.

"I caught a few balls, but I can't do contact right now," said Givens. "As soon as I can really do contact and catch balls coming full speed, I think I'll be ready to go. Hopefully that will be the end of this week."

The Titans added TE Ben Hartsock to take the roster spot freed up by Reynolds being inactive.  As you can see from Hartsock's stats, he is a blocking tight end.

VY is down playing the talk that he wants to stick it to Houston for not drafting him.

"I'm going to always be psyched up, because I love football," Young said. "Every week, I'm going to be excited and pumped up. That's going to be me anyway. I'm not just excited that this is my hometown team. You're going to see me like that all the time. I'm excited just playing football."

You have got to like how VY approaches the game.  He just wants to go out there and win.  He seems to be the ultimate team player and that is something the Titans deperately need.  I am more and more impressed with VY every time I hear or read something about him.  It makes me very excited for the future of this team.