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Pacman Yet to Become a Pick-man.  That is one of the best headlines I have seen in a long time.  The article mentions that Tony Beckham took the longest of any corner to get his first pick until now.  Beckham got his first pick in his 22nd game and I think we all remember how good he was.  Sunday will be Adam's 22nd game.  The article is full of excuses from Fisher as to why Adam doesn't have a pick yet but the bottom line is he was the 6th overall pick and to not have an interception yet is just ridiculous.

Robert Reynolds has a court appearance tomorrow in Ohio that he does not have to be present for.  A few interesting things from that article:
1.  Why is he hanging out with a woman who he is in the process of divorcing?
2.  Starting your drinking at 7 in the morning is probably not going to lead to anything good
3.  They are getting a divorce.  Why does he care what names are in her phone?
Good thing the NFL made ESPN cancel the series "Playmakers" because none of that stuff was true.  Anyways, Reynolds will probably be suspended for a game.

That is about all of the news from this morning.  Tune in later today for something interesting I am sure.