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The Titans fell from 26th to 27th in ESPN's Power Rankings.  The Packers made the jump from 31 to 23 after their win over the mighty Dolphins and this week's opponent the Texans jumped from 30 to 22 after their win over the Jaguars.  Power rankings are a joke but they are fun to look at.  The NFL is the ultimate what have you done for me lately league.  The Falcons get killed last week and promptly fell to 16.  They win a shoot out this week and are all the way back to 9.

Another completely pointless thing to look at is the Coach Approval Ratings.  Coach Fisher is back down to 68% coming off the bye.  He was at 80% last week after the win in Washington.  I thought he had a great weekend off.  It is good to see Art Shell out of the cellar.  He was replaced by the man he beat on Sunday, Dennis "Meltdown" Green.  It just makes me sad that we will have to go another year without a team going 0-16.  Maybe next year.

Maurice Carthon, the offensive coordinator of the Browns, "resigned" today.  Raise your hand if you think he wasn't forced to do that.  Bueller?  Bueller?

Chargers' LB Shawn Merriman is appealing his suspension.  He claims the substance was in one of his supplements and he didn't know it.

"I have no reason to do anything wrong, especially when I'm already in the spotlight and doing things and trying to present to people the right and wrong way to go about things," Merriman said. "This is obviously a mistake that has to be dealt with correctly."

Any athlete who takes a supplement without knowing everything in it should be suspended for a year.  That is just stupid.