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Back in the Saddle

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Well I was at a conference all weekend and that is why there have been no posts.  (I did one yesterday morning but I am not sure what happened to it)

Anyways, Adam Jones didn't get arrested over the break but apparently Rob Reynolds got himself into some trouble.  It is bad enough when your starters cause distractions but when you are getting it from a guy that doesn't even play it is just stupid.

WR David Givens got the pin removed from his hand and plans on practicing tomorrow.  It will be nice to have him back on the field because it gives VY another big play option.

The Texans had a huge win on Sunday over a pretty good Jacksonville team.  They are going to come in here with a lot of confidence so the Titans cannot afford to take them lightly.  This is a must win game for the Titans. (as much as any game can be in a season like this)  If the Titans continue to build on the momentum they had going into the bye week they should win the game.

We will have 5 questions with the Houston Chronicle's John McClain later in the week.