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With the 30th Selection in the 2000 NFL Draft the TN Titans Select.......

Keith Bulluck LB Syracuse.

Here is the entire Titans draft from 2000:

1st Round

Pick #30 Keith Bulluck LB

3rd Round

Pick #68 Erron Kinney TE
Pick #93 Bryon Frisch DE

4th Round

Pick #124 Bobby Myers FS
Pick #128 Peter Sirmon LB

5th Round

Pick #135 Aric Morris SS
Pick #160 Frank Chamberlin LB

6th Round

Pick #197 Robaire Smith DE

7th Round

Pick #213 Mike Green FB
Pick #237 Wes Shivers G

The Redskins had picks #2 and #3 in this draft.  Think about how much money that would cost a team if it happened now.  They made 2 pretty good picks selecting LaVar Arrington and Chris Samuels.  2005 NFL MVP and Alabama all-time leading rusher Shaun Alexander was the 19th selection in this draft.  The draft also featured pick of the milennium was pick #199 when the Derek Jeter of football, Tom Brady, was selected by the New England Patriots. (please note the sarcasm)

Keith Bulluck was obviously a steal at #30.  The Titans never thought he would fall that far and they had actually had discussions with safety Deion Grant about selecting him.  (he actually fell all the way to #57 but the Titans did not have a second round pick)  I think the Titans got the better end of that deal.

The other steal of this draft was Robaire Smith in the 6th round.  He came out as an end but the Titans moved him to tackle.  He has had a very solid NFL career.

TE Erron Kinney has been a solid contributor to this team as has LB Peter Sirmon.  Frank Chamberlin and Mike Green each saw a little bit of playing time but never really amounted to anything.

This was a pretty solid draft that I give a B+.