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And What Do You Say about That?

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This just in.  The Titans are a bad football team.  Yesterday's 45-14 loss was just another example of this.  I could recap the play by play of the game but what's the point?  Vince Young played and he looked like a rookie.  We should not have expected anything other than that.  He is a leader and he will get better.  VY starting in Week 4 gives this team a much better chance in 2007.

The game did feature one of the most disgusting plays I have ever seen in football.  In true Marcus Vick fashion, Albert Haynesworth removed a player's helmet, kicked him twice then stepped on his face.  There is no excuse for that.  Ever.  He should be suspended for the rest of the year.  He did apologize after the game which was nice but not enough.

There was rumor that owner Bud Adams twisted Fisher's arm to play VY but of course Adams and Fisher both denied that rumor.  I have no doubt it is true.

This team is a time bomb and at this point I think we will see a whole new coaching staff next year.  The players are quesitoning the coaching staff in the media and if you aren't winning that is the beginning of the end.

Someone needs to give me some answers because I am out there like the rest of my teammates busting our (butts) and doing what we need to do and the (expletive) just isn't panning out, I'm sorry," linebacker Keith Bulluck said.
"Something's got to change," Robaire Smith said. "Maybe it ain't the personnel. As far as talent and ability, I think we have it here to be a good team. At the same time we've got to get that out of everybody and we've got to start making plays."

Adam Jones thinks the Titans need more thugs.

"We just need some heart," cornerback Pacman Jones said. "Excuse my French, but we need some thugs to go out there and get it. We have too many nice guys."

I don't think that is the problem.