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Thursday's Notes

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Today is the last day of practice for the weekend.  The Titans will have the next 4-5 days off before beginning preparations for the Texans.  Hopefully they will use this time to rest up and not get arrested.

Yesterday at practice VY and Keith Bulluck swapped jerseys.

Fisher joked that he was surprised at the experience and poise of No. 53 at quarterback and kidded that "No. 10 on the other side of the ball was completely lost."

Bulluck and VY talked about the relationship they have formed off the field.

Of the friendship, Bulluck said, "Vince is a real person, outside of being a football player, kind of like myself. He gets along with pretty much everybody in this locker room. I'm a little older, so I can share more things with him as far as football goes and life and the things that go on in the NFL."
"I've been in this city for a long time [from knowing Steve McNair], and I've been knowing Keith a little bit," Young said. "Some of the things he likes to do off the field are similar to the things I like to do, and on the field, he wants to win. Just like he's the leader on the defensive side of the ball, I'm a leader on the offensive side of the ball."

It is a very positive thing for this organization to have the leaders on both sides of the ball be good friends.  You hear stories from a lot of teams about fights between a good defense and an underperforming offense or vice versa.  The closer this team becomes the better they will perform on the field.

David Givens is still looking to return from the Texans game for a broken thumb and he says he will be day to day, but then again, aren't we all?  (one of my favorite Sportscenter sayings)

This afternoon we will take a look at the 1999 draft that was the first as the Tennessee Titans.

Here is a little something that will make you happy as we wait for The Office tonight.

I realize he almost got the first down but I love to see him get hit.  Also, now that I figured out how to add YouTube clips to my posts I am officially obsessed with it.