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We have all enjoyed the Titans play the last couple of weeks.  It seems the team has come together and has taken the first step towards once again becoming a contender.  Keith Bulluck talked about how this team is finally starting to gel:

"We're kind of family in here," Bulluck said. "It's just one brother encouraging another to encourage another. It can start a domino effect and get things going on the right foot. We have talent here; we've just kind of put it together and make it work."

It looks like these guys are finally starting to get it.  It is going to be fun to watch them over the second half of the season.  This bunch went from looking dysfunctional against the Cowboys to looking like a true team the last 2 weeks.  Robaire Smith says losing Haynesworth was what lead the team together:

"You lose a guy like Albert, the guys in the secondary are going to have to cover a little better, and the linebackers are going to have to come up and stop the run a little bit better," Smith said.

Sometimes it takes something shocking to change a behavior.  It is still terrible what Haynesworth did but it looks like some good is going to come from it.  Haynesworth appears to realize that he truly has a problem.  That is the first step in correcting any problem.  This team appears to have used that whole situation as their rallying cry.

It is time for the weekly look at the ESPN Power Rankings.

The Titans made a strong leap from 30 last week to 26 this week.  It is amazing what a win will do.  The Titans are also ahead of the Dolphins who they lost to in week 3.

Fisher'a approval rating is drastically better than last week as well.  He came in last week at 68% and this week has a strong 82%.  Other interesting notes, Lovie Smith dropped to 90% after they narrowly escaped in Arizona and Art Shell is holding strong at 18%.

This afternoon we will look at the Oilers 1998 draft.