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A win makes everythings sweeter.  On 104.5 the Zone they have what is called "Reaction Monday."  The host, George Plaster, always asks the callers to have a mix of NFL and college.  After a Titans loss everyone calls in to yell about the defense or the offense or the coaches or blah blah blah.  The only people that call are the ones who want to complain about the Titans.  Yesterday there were about 2 Titans calls in the 2 hours I listened.  That is good for Reese, Fisher and company.

The Titans came out of Washington with very few injuries.  VY's ankle is sore but he should only miss the first couple of practices this week and be ready to go against Houston.  Receivers Drew Bennett (ankle) and Brandon Jones (sternum) are expected to miss some practice time but should be ready to go.  The only serious injury is receiver Roydell Williams who broke a finger and may have to get a pin put in.  If he does he will likely miss a game or two.  David Givens (hand) could be back for the Houston game.

The communication device in VY's helmet malfunctioned twice in the game on Sunday.  VY showed poise while getting hand signals from the sideline.  

"You get used to telling him the personnel groupings and the play ahead of time. There's a comfort level, and the play clock's running, and everything is good," Fisher said. "Then all of a sudden, you can't get those kinds of things communicated, and it's a little unsettling, especially with the players running off the field, carrying in plays, and hand signals and so on. I thought, all things considered, and that's an issue you don't oftentimes hear about, but it has the potential to be very, very unsettling for a young quarterback, and I thought he handled it well."

He has that leadership quality about him that you cannot teach.

One thing I didn't realize was how many times the Titans have put the ball on the ground.  The Titans have fumbled 13 times this year and only lost 2.  At least the Titans have gotten some breaks in a season where everything, before last Sunday, seemed to be going wrong.

This afternoon we will look at the 1997 draft of the Tennessee Oilers.  We will also look at the coach approval ratings and the NFL Power Rankings.