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With the 18th Pick of the 1997 NFL Draft the TN Oilers Select.......

Kenny Holmes DE Miami FL.  

As I mentioned earlier today, we are going to take a look at the Oilers/Titans drafts this week.  We will look at the drafts 1997-2002 because it takes about 3 years to really see what you are getting from a draft class.  Success or failure will not be judged solely on what the player did with the Titans.  Some players have really good years and then simply become overpriced.

Here is the entire Oilers draft from 1997:

1st Round

Pick #18 Kenny Holmes DE

2nd Round

Pick #46 Joey Kent WR

3rd Round

Pick #75 Denard Walker CB
Pick # 81 Scott Sanderson T

4th Round

Pick #98 Derrick Mason WR
Pick #107 Pratt Lyons DE

5th Round

Pick #143 George McCullough CB

6th Round

Pick #181 Dennis Stallings LB

7th Round

Pick #216 Armon Williams DB

Kenny Holmes was a pretty good first round pick.  He had 38.5 career sacks.  The then Oilers could have had Trevor Pryce who has 66.5 career sacks.  He was selected 28th overall.  Of the 5 DE's taken in the first round Holmes is second in career sacks.  Of course when you look at the fact that Jason Taylor was taken 73rd overall the pick doesn't look quite as good.  Hindsight is 20/20.

The second round pick of Joey Kent was terrible.  He had 13 career receptions.  Good thing the Oilers hit on a 4th round pick from Michigan State.  He was a pretty significant contributor to the organization.

The only other player of note from this draft was CB Denard Walker. Of course the thing he is remembered the most for is for letting Isaac Bruce catch the game winning TD in Super Bowl XXXIV.

Overall I would give this draft a B-.  Kenny Holmes, Denard Walker and Derrick Mason were all contributors in the Titans 1999 run to the Super Bowl.  The rest of the draft is full of guys who never did anything in the NFL.

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