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Victory is sweet.  This is the first victorious Monday here at MCM and free coffee at On The Run for everyone.  The boys at have a little work to do on their site template this morning.  The Titans are no longer winless since Dec. 11, 2005.  In fact, I think Fisher proved yesterday that he has this team.  When the Titans went down 14-3 after 2 drives from the Redskins, I thought the team would go into the tank and give up 40.  In fact they didn't and only gave up 8 points in the next 3 quarters. (well 2 quarters 14 minutes and 55 seconds to be exact)  Does Fisher still want to be here?  If you saw his passion and excitement on the sideline yesterday, especially when he got to call the Victory formation, I think that answered that question.

Of course things could have been a lot different.  The Titans had a 3rd and 3 with around 6 minutes to go in the 4th quarter.  Instead of throwing to try and get the 1st down the Titans handed the ball to Travis Henry.  He was stopped for a short gain and the Titans kicked what ended up being the winning field goal.  If Bironas misses that field goal or if the Redskins drive and score a TD everyone is calling talk shows today and calling for Fisher's head.  I am glad it turned out the way he did.  Again I say, Fisher is a great coach.  He should be given the opportunity to see this thing through.

Travis Henry.  What can we say about him?  After being inactive for the Cowboys game on October the 1st he has come back with a vengence.  He said he was very upset when the deactivated him.  You have to love the way he has handled himself since then.  He could have pouted and demanded a trade but instead he has rushed for 301 yards in 2 games.  Take notes Mr. Brown.

VY is maturing right before our eyes.  He seems to have the same mentality Steve McNair does when it comes to being on the field.  He went down in the 4th quarter with an ankle injury but got it re-taped and didn't miss a play.  The Titans have a bye this week which will give VY plenty of time to heal.  He looks light years ahead of where he was in his first start against the Cowboys.  He still missed some throws and still made some bad decisions but you can tell he is really starting to get it.  The most important thing is he takes care of the ball.  He is going to be a star in this league.

It was also good to see Lamont Thompson step up.  He has taken a lot of criticsm.  He made what was probably a game saving play when he deflected a long pass that was intended for Santana Moss with about 5 minutes left in the game.  He also had the interception that iced the game.

The Titans featured all blue uni's yesterday for the first time ever.  I think we might see those again very soon.

There is nothing like a win to cure what ails you.  This makes the bye week a whole lot more pleasant in the locker room.  The win is another block to build on in what could be a fun second half.

We will have our Monday afternoon quotes later today.  Throughout the bye week we are going to be looking at the drafts this franchise has had since they came to Tennessee.  Next week we will have our 5 questions feature with the Houston Chronicle's John McClain.