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Monday Afternoon Quotes

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This first quote is from Keith Bulluck responding to what some of the Redskins said about the Titans being the worst team in the league.

"The Washington Redskins, they're trying to make them like they're the New York Yankees of the National Football League, bringing in a tremendous amount of talent," said Keith Bulluck. "But we heard things coming out of their locker room that they were going to remind us that we were the worst team in the league. So my message to them is they can join us in the cellar. The only difference is, we're making a climb out, and they're falling in. So good luck to them."

I love that he says the Titans are climbing out.  It is good to see some optimism coming out of Titans camp.

This next quote is from Travis Henry talking about the success of the running game.

"The running game set the tone," Henry said. "What we did last week against Indy was great. Coming into Washington, we just wanted to let people know we are for real."

Here is Brandon Jones talking about how he wants to be the go to receiver.

"I want the load," said Jones.  "I want to be that receiver that gets us out of a jam and they have me the ball in an important situation, and that's what I want."

This quote is from Casey Cramer who blocked the punt that ended up as a safety.

"I did a swim move on the center, and the personal protector didn't pick me up, and I just had a beeline to the ball."

Lamont Thompson on the win:

"It was close last week, and we fell short," Thompson said. "Nobody was complacent about how good we played last week. Our whole focus was to get a win."

Robaire Smith on the remarks some Redskins players said about the Titans being the worst team in the league.

"You don't want anybody telling you you're the worst at nothing," Smith said. "That's the reason you're out here playing this game. You don't respect anybody that tells you you're the worst team out there. That was on them. It gave other guys motivation, but that's how we need to play every week."

VY on his first NFL win:

"It's my first NFL win," Young said. "I knew it was coming, because of the progress of the team. You have guys doing more things at practice, guys doing extra things behind the scenes. You knew it was coming."

Kyle Vanden Bosch on the plays Lamont Thompson made:

"In a game like that, big-time players make big-time plays, and Lamont showed that he's a good player. He made big plays when we needed them the most," Vanden Bosch said. "A good player when he's called out, he steps up and makes a difference and fixes whatever the problem is. He came up real big for us."

Safety Chris Hope on the all blue uni's:

"I was cool with the all blue," Hope said. "Everybody has their own little superstitions. First win in all blue, let's try it again."