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Saturday Morning Info


LenDale White did miss practice yesterday and it looks like he will not be in uniform on Sunday.  There is still a chance he could go but it is a slim one.

"We'll see how he is,'' Fisher said. "He participated and watched the walkthrough (Friday), but he's still, to say the least, under the weather.''

Benji Olson is also expected to miss the game as Amano filled in for him at practice Friday.

Keys to the game:

When the Titans have the ball:

1.  Protect the football.

I do realize this is on here every week but it is especially key when you are playing teams that have solid a defense as Washington does.

2.  Protect VY

Redskins defensive co-ordinator Greg Williams will be blitzing everyone except the cheerleaders.  The Titans are going to have to pick up these blitzes to give VY a chance to go through his reads.  If they can give him time, he should be able to find some guys in man coverage and make some big plays.

Vincent is also going to have to realize when to pull it down and run.  Look for the Titans to use a lot of draws and screens against the aggressive defensive of the Redskins.

3.  Control the clock.

The Redskins offense is inconsistent but it can be high powered.  With playmakers like RB Clinton Portis and WR Santana Moss, the Redskins have the ability to hit the big play at any time.  The Titans need to put together some long drives to keep Portis and company off the field.

When the Redskins have the ball:

1.  Pressure Brunell.

Brunell is not as mobile as he once was.  The Titans have got to get some pressure on him to keep him from sitting in the pocket and picking the secondary apart.

2.  Contain Portis and Betts.

This is another one of those games where you are not going to sut the run down.  The Titans have to limit gains on 1st and 2nd down to keep the Skins in 3rd and long.  Portis and Betts make a solid one two punch so look for the Titans to do a lot of rotating of the D-Lineman to keep them fresh as the game goes on.

3.  Force turnovers.

The offense is going to need help again this week.  The Titans defense is going to have to come up with some big plays to give the offense a short field to produce points.

Keys to the game are pretty similar every week in the NFL.  If you can run the ball, stop the other team from running it and win the turnover battle, most weeks you will win (last week being an exception).  The Redskins have a solid team but this is a winnable game for the Titans.  The Titans need to get off a good start against a Redskins team that is coming off a 3 point effort against the Giants.