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Kuharsky Rains on the Parade

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Paul Kuharsky of The Tennessean brings fans back to earth this morning with his 5 reasons the Titans are worse off than you might think.  Here is the biggest factor:

The Titans have two games against 1-3 Houston ahead, but if they can't win at least one of those they could create a huge conversation about the possibility of 0-16. Tennessee's other nine remaining opponents have a combined .659 winning percentage at this point.

That is a tough schedule coming off of a 4-12 season.  The Titans got a tough draw this year having to face off with the always tough NFC East and since the Titans were 3rd in the AFC South last year they play last year's 3rd place teams from the other AFC divisions. That is nice in theory until you remember that the Chargers and Ravens both came in 3rd in their divisions last year.

VY addressed the media yesterday for the first time since the lost in Indy.

"I don't regret it. I think the media knew how I felt," he (Young) said. "I apologized for that but I was real upset and I just didn't feel like talking at the time. I'm a competitor, we're 0-5, that hurts a whole lot to me, and it means a whole lot to me.  I'm not used to losing, I'm getting adjusted just like anybody else. Like LenDale, he's aggravated," Young said. "We're all getting used to this whole situation, talking to a lot of vets, to Kerry (Collins), to a lot of people. We just have to get used to it. Sometimes that's just part of being professional. I'm understanding all that."

He is a rookie and just has to learn to adjust to life in the NFL.  I am not sure what his record in high school was (I am assuming he didn't lose much) and he only lost 2 games as a starter at Texas so he just has to adjust to being on a team that isn't good.  I don't think you will see him miss a media session for the rest of the season.

On the injury front:

The Titans are now discussing placing TE Erron Kinney on injured reserve, which means he would not play at all this season.  LenDale White missed practice yesterday with the stomach flu.  Ken Amato, Benji Olsen, Drew Bennett and Travis LaBoy also missed practice on Wednesday.  All are still expected to play on Sunday.  

This afternoon I will post the 5 questions I did with Brandon at The Curly R.