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5 Questions with the Curly R

Here are the 5 questions I sent Brandon over at the Curly R.  You can go to his site to see the questions he sent me with my answers.

1.  How much longer will Joe Gibbs coach?

Who knows?  Dan Snyder goes through head coaches like he goes through the leases on his Bentleys, but Gibbs is something of a saint in Washington.  He won't be cast aside as lightly as Norv Turner and Marty Schottenheimer.  The answer is probably something like this: Gibbs will keep coaching as long as he's having fun doing it and feeling like he's accomplishing what he set out to do with this team.  When that feeling stops, he'll probably head back to NASCAR-land.  The Redskins offensive and defensive coordinators are NFL head coaching material, so he could be easily replaced.  I wasn't around for the original Gibbs era in D.C., but I get the feeling that the fans realize that not even this legendary coach can succeed with such a disjointed roster.

2.  What is the word on Jason Campbell?  Is he ready if something happens to Brunell?

The word is that he is the 2.5th string quarterback for the Redskins.  He will allegedly split the backup role with Todd Collins.  He did nothing to impress in the preseason, but he wasn't a total dud either.  I think something already has happened to Brunell...age.  If the Redskins continue to falter, Gibbs has to see what Campbell can do.  Next season will be his 3rd in the league, the usual ETA for high-round draft picks to be NFL starters.

3.  Is Greg Williams the successor to Gibbs when he does leave?  If Fisher does get fired he would be at the top of the Titans list.

When Gibbs leaves, Snyder will go out and pay top dollar for the NFL Head Coach Flavor of the Month.  Williams is certainly qualified and has head coaching experience, but I can't remember the last time the Redskins filled a head coaching position from within.  I'm sure some Redskins History dork will go look it up and drop a comment for our enlightenment ;-)

4.  What is wrong with the offense up there?  They have some great skill players but can't seem to find any consistency.

I think you've touched on the problem right there- consistency.  Each year the Redskins are big spenders in free agency, bringing in quasi-stars from other teams in hopes of jump starting their playoff prospects.  The problem with this, in my view, is that you don't have a core group of guys who have come up through the system together and click on all cylinders.  Each year the new acquisitions come in and try to adjust to a new system, which in turn is adjusted to accommodate the strengths of the new players.  Compare the Redskins' cobbled-together group of mercenaries with offenses like Indianapolis and Cincinnati, where all the featured players have been playing together for 3-4 seasons.  The difference is huge.  The team needs to stop looking for the quick fix and start building a core through the draft.  Of course, that's not Dan Snyder's worldview.

5.  Is Daniel Snyder a good owner?

No, he isn't.

Obviously, Brandon is a big Daniel Snyder fan.  We complain a lot about Bud Adams but I think he is a better owner than Snyder.