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Good Haynesworth Story

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You haven't seen many of those lately have you?  Here is the story of what Albert did while the Titans were playing in Indy this past Sunday.

"We had a great day. He didn't seem too anxious to leave, actually, said Marsha Edwards, the center's chief executive.''

I have said it a bunch of times but he is a good guy who has a terrible temper.  I hope he gets help and comes back to contribute to this team.

Chris Brown's agents are running their mouths again.

"Chris is 11 games from free agency. There is a week left before the trading deadline, but I would think it would make some sense for the franchise (referring to a trade), but it's in their hands and it does us no good to beat our heads against the wall and demand a trade."

This time I would listen to the request of Brown's agents.  Chris Brown will not be a Titan next year.  Why not move him before the deadline to at least get something in return.  At this point it would be a late late draft pick but again that is better than nothing.

It is a slow news day here in Nashville but I will come up with something for this afternoon.  Next week is the bye week so I am going to evaluate the draft classes we have seen since the Oilers/Titans moved to Tennessee.  We will look at who we drafted, how successful those players were in the league and who we could have drafted that has had more success.  I think it will be an interesting project.