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Tuesday Morning Round Up

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Coach Jeff Fisher took time in his weekly press conference to address the poll questions here at MCM:

"On the way home last night from the airport, I had to run an errand," Fisher said. "I walked into an establishment, and three different people said, `Congratulations, nice game.' We didn't win it.

"I think it's important that players understand that it's all well and good to put forth the effort and go out and execute the game plan and do all of those things you're supposed to do, but you still have to win games. The philosophy has not changed. It's not OK to play well and lose. You have to win."

The above linked article also talks about how hard Vince Young takes losing.  I am glad to see that he cares this much.  The article in the Tennessean talks about Young's reaction to the San Diego loss.

After a loss in San Diego, he sat in his locker in full uniform, head down, towel covering his face. Many of his teammates had showered and dressed by the time he stood up.

He obviously is not pleased with individual things he does if the team loses.  Young played pretty well in the San Diego Game going 7-19 for 106 yards, 1 TD and 0 INTs.  Some rookies would walk away from a blow out loss in a season where the team isn't going anywhere with their head held high.  Young didn't and he will be successful in the NFL because of this.

On the injury front, receiver Drew Bennett, guard Benji Olson, running back Travis Henry, guard Ken Amato, linebacker Rob Reynolds and defensive end Travis LaBoy could all miss practice time this week with a variety of injuries.  Fisher said yesterday that barring any setbacks all should be ready to go on Sunday.  Receiver David Givens, guard Zach Piller and tight end Erron Kinney remain out this week.

The running back rotation is expected to stay the same this week in Washington.

Later today we will be looking at a few things around the NFL.