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Around the NFL Time

To this point I have not done much commenting on stories around the league.  I am going to have "Around the NFL Time" on Tuesday afternoons from here on out.  We will see how it goes.  Please leave any comments, questions or suggestions that you have.

Here is a look at ESPN's NFL power rankings.  It is hard to argue with the Bears at #1.  I do not think they will win the Super Bowl but I do think they will represent the NFC in the Super Bowl.  The NFC is once again weaker across the board than the AFC.  

I do not understand how the Colts can be #2.  They have barely scraped by the last 3 weeks.  The last 2 games (Jets and Titans) have been against teams that are ranked 21st and 30th respectively.  The media loves Peyton so there you go.

The Titans come in at a strong #30.  If they can put together a strong performance against the Redskins and then beat the Texans they could take a big leap.  I know that really means nothing but we have to have something to root for.

My top 10:
1.  Bears
2.  Chargers
3.  Eagles
4.  Broncos
5.  Ravens
6.  Colts
7.  Bengals
8.  Falcons
9.  Patriots
10.  Seahawks

Another interesting thing ESPN does is coach approval rating.

Whoever is voting no for Lovie Smith should have their internet revoked.

Fisher is coming in currently at 68% and is 18th overall. It is interesting that 14 coaches are ranked lower than him. I haven't heard of the website

Marvin Lewis must be really nervous about his rating. Why else would he be staring at it like that?