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Vince Young Reportedly Will Receive 2011 Roster Bonus From Titans

"Apparently, Bud Adams is ready to choose quarterback Vince Young over head coach Jeff Fisher, if such a decision must be made." This is terrifying.

Slideshow: Pics of Vince Young Steakhouse

Here's a link to a slideshow of photos at the new Vince Young Steakhouse in Austin, Texas. The picture of Bo Scaife holding VY's son is priceless.

Tennessee Titans: It's Time For One Of Them To Go: Jeff Fisher or Vince Young?

it's clear who this Bleacher Report writer is siding with (and a hint, it's not JoyKat)

Bush to Titans in '11?

According to ESPN Insider, the Titans are one of the teams who could potentially be interested in Reggie Bush should he not be retained by the Saints. Here's what they have to say: Reggie Bush's continued employment with the New Orleans Saints was a subject of debate all season long by pundits and fans. We don't have anything concrete from anyone inside the organization, but it was thought earlier that there was no way that the team would bring him back for the $8 million he's owed in 2010. If the Super Bowl winds up being Bush's last game for the Saints, he went out with a relative thud: five rushes for 25 yards, four catches for 38 yards and one punt return for 4 yards. If he's not retained -- and that continues to be a big "if" -- two NFC West teams might lead the charge in bidding for him. The first is the Seattle Seahawks; the Pete Carroll connection is obvious, but the team has a pretty big need for a versatile RB, too. The other team is the 49ers, who need a complement to Frank Gore. Niners beat writer Matt Maiocco recently wrote, "It would fill a major need to get an elusive running back to play no more than a handful of offensive snaps a game while also taking over the punt- and kick-return chores." Who does that sound like? But what about the Tennessee Titans? They're set at starting running back, but Bush has never been a traditional rusher anyway. What the Titans do need is an explosive returner (check), someone to come in to give Chris Johnson a rest from time to time (check) and another suitable receiving target for Vince Young (check). Are we missing something here?

VY's Biggest Detractor Wears Ladies' Underwear

If you're gonna play in a football game where there's a chance your underwear may show, make sure you're not wearing a thong. Even VY w/ his "6" wonderlich score knows this!!

SI Article on Vince

Hey guys, I'm a Texas fan that started following the Titans because of Vince and thought some of you would enjoy the article. G'luck the rest of the season! BTW, Chris Johnson is the most unreal human being ever.

Kuharsky's Take on VY v.2.0.

Paul Kuharsky of ESPN explaining the turnaround

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