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Let's Talk About Richard Sherman


After a magnificent game-winning deflection-turned-interception by cornerback Richard Sherman, he set the sports world ablaze in a postgame interview. Watch it again and react here on Battle Red Blog.

Crabtree's reputation


Matt Maiocco does a full piece on Michael's bay area rep. So what is the perception of Michael Crabtree? Is he a diva? Is he misunderstood? Does it matter at all?

SI's top fifty prospects for the NFL draft


Dedfischer over at the Tortilla Retort has a post up about Sports Illustrated's Top 50 prospects for the NFL draft and the Big 12 players contained therein. After overcoming my initial anger that...

Defending Tech


My intent is go a bit beyond "tackle well!" and "get pressure!" and "hit hard!" as the remedies for stopping Tech. Those three things are all absolutely true, but I'm going to assume them as a...

Crabtree is eligible


Yesterday's rumors of a possible violation by All American Texas Tech WR Michael Crabtree seemed to be much ado about nothing. A marketing company was going to build a Crabtree For Heisman...

Could Crabtree Start in the UT Secondary?


Good read. I hadn't heard this one before: The Space Between I guess Montre Webber and Philip Payne were higher on the UT big board. To save you some time of reading the whole article: "He grew up...

How legit is Texas Tech's Michael Crabtree?


Texas Tech freshman receiver Michael Crabtree is on pace to set NCAA single season records for receptions, yards and touchdowns. The guy has been unstoppable thus far. I know what you're going...

Michael Crabtree fined $2,500


In a joke of a fine the NFL came down on Michael Crabtree for actually playing until the whistle blew. Hows it a personal foul late hit if the whistle had not blown and no one touched Trevard Lindley to make him down. Crabtree did knock the ball out of the hands of Lindley as well. In my opinion no penalty should have been called and the fine is not warranted either.

Dated Cultural Punchline Joined Crabtree to Sign Contract


The Michael Crabtree business has finally come to its long-awaited end now that he's signed a six-year deal with the 49ers. No doubt it took a steady hand to guide such delicate, long-running...

Maybe Michael Crabtree Has a Career as the Next Billy Mays


According to marketing agent Mike Ornstein, holdout wide receiver Michael Crabtree has made about $750,000 in endorsements since coming out of college, which according to him is enough for Crabtree...

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