Tennessee Titans Recaps

Titans - Texans: A (final) Review


So, that does it. The season end's with yet another win to muddy the Titans' future. The team rallied back in the second half with a couple of standout individual performances as well as plenty of...

Titans-Jaguars: A Review


The Titans won an ugly one down in Jacksonville to avoid getting swept by the Sparkle Kitties.

Titans 20 Jags 16 quick recap


Mike Munchak remains on life support after his Tennessee Titans win an ugly game in Jacksonville.

Titans 28 - Broncos 51: The Aftermath


Where do we even begin with this one?

Titans-Colts: A review


The Titans kicked themselves right out of the playoff picture today with another embarrassing divisional loss.

Colts 22 Titans 14 quick recap


Be a Pro. Do your Job. That was Mike Munchak's slogan when he got the job. Three years in and he still hasn't been able to get his team to do it.

A tale of two Dowells


The Titans offense came out with a really good game plan but failed to make adjustments as the game went along.

Titans blow it again


The Titans did what they do- blow a football game that they could have won.

Titans - Jaguars: A Review...oh boy


The Titans were looking at a softer second half schedule to set up a possible playoff run this time last week. Now, those hopes are all but gone. Beyond that, this team doesn't deserve to be...

Titans lay another egg


There have been way too many of these awful performances in the Mike Munchak era. It is time for the Titans to start looking for another coach.


Titans dominate the Rams: In pictures


The Tennessee Titans offensive line was nothing short of dominant in the run game on Sunday. Don't believe me? Check these photos from the all-22.

Free agent review: week 8


How did Webster's additions do this week, marking the midway point of the 2013 campaign? We will also be handing out grades for the performances of the players so far, to mark their impact on the...

Titans 28 Rams 21: A Review


Boy that one was ugly, but a win's a win. Let's take a closer look into last weekend's battle in St. Louis.

Titans 28 Rams 21 quick recap


The Titans were able to hold on in St. Louis today to knock off the Rams.

Welcome to 2013, Mike Munchak


Mike Munchak said after today's beatdown by the San Francisco 49ers that the Tennessee Titans will consider a change at return man. He is about 6 games too late.

Recapping the loss to Seattle


The Titans suffered another tough loss yesterday. Let's take a closer look at this game and discern what the team needs to do to improve going forward, especially into yet another stout match-up...

Titans 38 Jets 13: Complete Recap


The Titans demolished the Jets in what had been billed as a close game...and Titans did it without their quarterback for much of the second half. Lets take a closer look at this over-shadowed win...

Titans vs. Chargers Twitter film review


Last night I re-watched the Tennessee Titans win over the San Diego Chargers and tweeted my thoughts as I watched.

Week 3 free agent breakdown


Let's take a look at how Ruston Webster's additions did this week against the Chargers. Here is our weekly FA breakdown.

Titans vs. Chargers: Complete Recap


What a game! Lets take a closer look at this victory over the San Diego Chargers and where the Tennessee Titans need to improve heading into the next two games of their home stand.

Titans-Texans: Cutting Through The Stat-Line


From here on out, I am going to be posting a weekly article looking at a performance from the Titan's game that went beyond the numbers. As in any game or season, a player's stats don't always tell...

A compreshensive recap of Titans vs. Texans


A closer look at Sunday's game between the Tennessee Titans and Houston Texans, and a look at the state of the franchise going forward.

Breaking down the 2 point conversion


Arian Foster tied the game in the 4th quarter yesterday when he ran over Mike Martin for a two-point conversion. Here is a frame by frame breakdown of what went wrong.

RB success rate against the Texans


There was a lot of running into a wall for the Titans running game in Houston yesterday. How successful was the Titans' running game?

Was safety the correct call?


The referees correctly awarded the Houston Texans a safety yesterday when Chris Johnson failed to get the ball out of the end zone. A breakdown of the play.

Titans vs. Steelers: The penalties


The Titans were penalized 6 times for 60 yards in the win over the Steelers. Here is a look at each of the penalties.

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