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MCM Crowd Source: How Should the Titans Use Zach Brown?


MCM Crowd Source: How Should Titans Use Zach Brown?

Offseason Banter: Who Is Your Favorite Non-Titan Player?


Offseason Banter: Who Is Your Favorite Non-Titan Player?

Super Bowl XLVI Game Time, Channel and a Question


Do you prefer to watch the Super Bowl in a big group or a small gathering?

What Does MCM Want?


What Does MCM Want?

Titans vs. Jaguars Open Game Thread Roll Call


Solid effort everyone.Roll Call: tiMe toCks, titansfanastic1982, jasonkylebates, carlostable, Aditya T (smashville), rsikes, F1 Titan, Pinoy Titan, ronburgundy7427, RhiNo6705, StPrattrick,...

Titans vs. Saints Game Thread Roll Call


Click through the jump to see the stats from last night's open game threads.Roll Call: trevor2013, carlostable, Phantom Titan, JustinS, rsikes, TNTitan09, ronburgundy7427, jollyrogerwilco,...

MCM Sunday Night Discussion: How Would You Cover the Cortland Finnegan Story?


It seems that in the past couple of year the Tennessee Titans have had a large number of story lines that divide the fanbase. I am not sure if there really are more with this franchise than any...

MCM Saturday Night Discussion: A World Without Football


I really do think they will get this CBA worked out this week, but I also thought that last week. Let's pretend for a few minutes like this thing is going to extend into October. What will you do...

NFL CBA: Who Do You Blame That A Deal Isn't Done?


I posed this question back in March and 43% of the people who voted blamed both sides for the lockout. So now, 4 months later, I pose the same question.

POLL: How Many Games Will the Titans Win in 2011?


It is ridiculous to post this poll today because we don't even know who the QB is going to be, but gramsey told me today that he thinks the Titans will only win 2-3 games in 2011, and I think that...


MCM Saturday Night Discussion: When will the Titans Make the Playoffs Again?


There is no doubt this team is in rebuilding mode.  My question for you tonight is how long will it take them to rebuild?  Of course there are a lot of factors at play in this answer.  If they hit...

MCM Saturday Night Discussion


This suggestion comes from South Texas Titan.  If you could fight any celebrity, who would it be? There is a lot to take in account here because you don't want to fight someone who you think could...

MCM Saturday Night Discussion: Favorite Item of Memorabilia


This is a pretty cool topic that was suggested by gramsey.  I am sure a lot of you collect some type of sports memorabilia.  What is your favorite item in your collection? Mine would have to be the...

MCM Saturday Night Discussion: Best Non-Titans Sports Memory


Last week we did biggest non-Titans sports hearbreak.  We will be a little more positive this week and discuss our favorite memory.  Mine would have to be one of the two Alabama football national...

MCM Bracket Challenge


I know a few people have set up bracket groups, but I wanted to set one up for everyone to join that we can keep track of as the tournament goes along.  The group is set up on Yahoo, and you can...

Poll: Who is to Blame for the NFL Lockout?


Just curious, who do you blame for this lockout?

NCAA March Madness Selection Show Open Thread


Selection Sunday kicks off what is one of the most exciting months in sports.  I am not a huge college basketball fan, but there is nothing like the first Thursday and Friday of the NCAA tournament...

MCM Saturday Night: Worst Non-Titans Sports Heartbreak


We might end up having a lot of "getting to know you" type posts if this lockout drags on...  Tonight let's talk about our biggest sports heartbreak that didn't come from a Titans game.  Mine...

MCM Saturday Night Discussion: Favorite Baseball Player


I know a lot of you here are big baseball fans as well as football fans, thus tonight's discussion.  Who is your favorite baseball player?  Why are they your favorite player? Ken Griffey Jr. has...

MCM Draft Poll: Biggest Need After Quarterback?


There is no doubt that the Titans biggest need right now is quarterback, but what is next? After watching tight ends run wide open down the middle of the field game after game in 2010, it is...

MCM Saturday Night Discussion: Favorite Movie


It seems like a good time to discuss movies with the Academy Awards being tomorrow night.  This one is easy for me- Field of Dreams hands down.  Baseball is my first love as far as sports go, so I...

Titans vs. Chiefs Open Game Thread Roll Call


  Stats after the jump. Roll Call: zero defects, King Titan, Knoxvillage, Ice0ne (CAJ), rsikes, titansfan615, Mcnair2VY, titansfanastic1982, TennesseeTyrants, pragmaticjack, trevor2013,...

Titans 31 Texans 17 Open Game Thread Roll Call


Roll Call: Knoxvillage, JimR, stetix01, Aditya T (smashville), titansfan4ever, zero defects, zackmann, z24lax, NikoliVoltron, TitansJonne, rsikes, SuperHorn, hal41605, Pinoy Titan, danielreese05,...

Colts vs. Titans Open Game Thread Roll Call


Stats after the jump.Roll Call: CrazyTitan, TitansJonne, billycthulhu, slo-verado, RhiNo6705, J3G77, Aditya T (smashville), TitansFaninColtsCountry, JimR, normativity, Luciecam3, channelXlurker,...

Jaguars 17 Titans 6 Open Game Thread Roll Call


Stats after the jump.Roll Call: JimR, titansfan4ever, SoCalTitan, pksiv, fgp, hal41605, vito100, trevor2013, titansfanastic1982, WinnipegTitanFan13, Titans809, 2tonedBLUE, SuperHorn, CrazyTitan,...

Titans vs. Texans Open Game Thread Roll Call


Stats after the jump.Roll Call: trevor2013, Titans809, ericjosephson, JimR, Pinoy Titan, rsikes, hal41605, Knoxvillage, studd2314, Los Blancos Chicca, zackmann, Longhornlegend, charmando,...

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