Tennessee Titans Podcast

MCM Radio: Titans Get It Done Against the Chargers


If we've learned anything about this team over the first 3 weeks, it's that Titans fans are in for some seriously dramatic finishes this season. Such was the case today, and we'll cover it all on...

MCM Radio: Talking Titans Coming Home w/Mike Keith


With Britt acting like a petulant child, fans not hesitating to round house kick the panic button and Shonn Greene going under the knife, the only tough part of tonight's show might be getting a...

MCM Radio: Titans Fall to the Texans in OT


It was the best of these Titans, it was the worst of these Titans. The same grit and determination that overwhelmed the Steelers fell just short today against the Texans.Tonight at 8:00 CDT...

MCM Radio: Titans. Texans. 'Nuff Said.


If you miss this show, you're crazy.

MCM Radio: Titans vs. Steelers Reaction Show


If you're anything like me, your heart is probably still racing from the Titans' season-opening win in Pittsburgh. Well don't reach for that Xanax just yet, because MCM Radio is keeping the...

MCM Radio: ft. Delanie Walker!


As we promised last week, we'll be joined at 9:00 tonight by one of the gems of the Titans' off-season: tight end Delanie Walker! We'll get into his Super Bowl run with the 49ers last year, his...

MCM Radio: 90 Entered, Only 53(ish) Remain


The Titans made their final cuts to get down to the 53-man roster this afternoon, and as expected, there were some unexpected names on the list. Join us for a live MCM Radio documenting the chaos...

MCM Radio: Titans, Plus A Big Guest Announcement


Hey folks, I know this post is usually up a little earlier, but none the less, Danomite and I will be live in 45 minutes (9:00 CDT) with a brand-spankin' new episode of MCM Radio! Well talk about...

MCM Radio: Recapping the Titans vs. the Falcons


It may have taken a lot longer than any of us would have liked, but the Tennessee Titans finally showed-up on the field last night. Starting at 9:00 CDT tonight, Danomite and I will cover all of...

MCM Radio: Talking Titans Preseason w/ Greg Arias


While the (slightly) more legitimized media outlets continue to hem and haw over the Titans' media blackout, we at MCM Radio are happy to keep showing the world how it's done from the outside...

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