Tennessee Titans Podcast

Bored of the bye? Get Caught Up On MCM Radio!

There will be no MCM Radio tonight since the Titans are on the bye, but you can use this break to get caught up on any of the episodes you may have missed over the first half of the season!

MCM Radio: The Great Titan In The Sky

Tonight's MCM Radio is all about Bud Adams. We'll talk a little about Titans news, but we want this episode to be a place where the MCM Community can come to remember and honor the man who made this site and our team possible.

MCM Radio: Titans, 49ers & The Agoraphobic Cowboy

As you probably noticed from the abnormally generic post title, I'm writing this well before kick-off thanks to a couple of gifted end zone tix. Sadly, I can't give you a preview of the show or set the tone in any real way because I'm writing this in

MCM Radio: Talking Titans, 49ers and Momentum

On tonight's MCM Radio, Danomite and I will breakdown all of the news, rumors and speculation surrounding the Titans as they try to snap a two-game losing streak this Sunday.

MCM Radio: Titans Lose to Fitzpatrick & Seahawks

This blogger is not happy, and probably won't be any happier by 9:00 Central tonight when MCM Radio goes live. Jimmy is coming on to join Dan and myself, so this might not be the show to listen to if you're already on a ledge.

MCM Radio: The Titans Head West

The Titans are looking to start a streak in the Emerald City this Sunday, and on tonight's MCM Radio Danomite and myself will breakdown what they need to do to make that happen. (First goal: score more points than Seattle by the end of regulation).

MCM Radio: How The Chiefs Beat the Titans

We were hoping this would be a happier episode, but a tough loss isn't enough to derail MCM Radio. Tonight at 8:00 Central Danomite and myself will bring you our blow-by-blow of what went wrong today at LP Field.

MCM Radio: The Fitzy Rises Edition

Fresh off of the tension-relieving news that Jake's injury isn't as bad as we feared, and our fearless leader should be back after the bye week, Danomite and I will take to tonight's MCM Radio to discuss this week's match-up against the Chiefs & more

MCM Radio: Previewing the Titans vs. Jets

Tonight on MCM Radio Danomite and myself have a whole heck of a lot of ground to cover: from the ever-devolving Kenny Britt situation and the sudden expectations being placed on Jake Locker, to figuring out what exactly is going on with our O-line.

MCM Radio: Titans Get It Done Against the Chargers

If we've learned anything about this team over the first 3 weeks, it's that Titans fans are in for some seriously dramatic finishes this season. Such was the case today, and we'll cover it all on MCM Radio tonight at 8:00 CDT.

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