Non-Titans Game Threads

Discuss the Early NFL Games With Us


I really hate the late afternoon starts for the Titans. Here is your thread to discuss the early games while we wait. Here, again, is the link to the viewing map for all of today's NFL action. ...

SNF Thread: New England @ Baltimore


Continue the football discussion and celebration here. You all know how I feel about Tom Brady; I'll be rooting for the Pats in this one.

Saturday College Football Open Thread


It is time for another full day of college football. This time of year is so awesome with football all day Saturday and Sunday. Above is the weekly college football video from SB Nation...

Monday Night Football Open Thread: Broncos @ Falcons


I won't be watching the game tonight but the Falcons are one of my favourite non-Titans teams to watch. Matt Ryan is just amazing. As a fantasy owner of his I'm rooting for a big night, but he's...

Super Bowl XLVI Open Game Thread


The two weeks of hype is almost over. The Super Bowl Sunday is one of the best days of the year. If you don't believe me, just ask the people that own Kroger. I was there earlier this afternoon...

2012 NFL Pro Bowl Open Thread


Why do they still play the Pro Bowl? They really should keep all of the voting stuff they have now, name a Pro Bowl team, award those guys with a vacation to Hawaii, and call it a day. What they...

Giants vs. 49ers NFC Championship Open Game Thread


This is the more intriguing game of the day. The 49ers keep winning when no one gives them a chance. They have done it all year, and they look like a really tough out, especially at home.The G...

Ravens vs. Patriots Open Game Thread


This is another lesser of two evil games for me. I hate the Patriots, but not nearly as much as I hate the Ravens. I guess that means I am cheering for the Patriots in this game. I feel pretty...

Divisional Weekend Open Thread Roll Call


We had really good participation in our open threads over the weekend, so I figured I would do a roll call post. Stats after the jump.Roll Call: Titans_Firefighter, Aditya T (smashville), JustinS,...

New York Giants @ Green Bay Packers Open Game Thread


The Giants almost pulled off the upset a few weeks ago at the Meadowlands. Can they do it successfully in their second try? These are two teams that went into the playoffs playing really, really...


Texans vs. Ravens Open Game Thread


The phrase "lesser of two evils" keeps popping into my head when thinking about this game. The only problem is I am having trouble figuring out which team that is. I think it is the Texans...

Broncos vs. Patriots Open Game Thread


As I said the last time these two teams played, if the Broncos win the internet will be broken. Last week, Tim Tebow almost broke Twitter when there were 900 million tweets per second* after the...

Saints vs. 49ers Open Game Thread


This is an intriguing game to me. The 49ers play a game that Jeff Fisher loves to watch. It has worked really well for this game because their defense is really good, and they have Frank Gore to...

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