Between the Posts

BTP: The Return


I am going to make an effort to get back to posting a nightly open thread here at MCM.

Between the Posts 8/6/2012


The most interesting news from around the NFL today.

Between the Posts 7/11/2012


Football Perspective looks at the greatest pass rushers over the last 30 years. I really expected to see Jevon Kearse on the single season list for his rookie year performance. ESPN has signed...

Major League Baseball All-Star Game Open Thread


It is stupid that the MLB All-Star game decides home field advantage in the World Series, but I still really enjoy watching this game. There is no debate that this is the best of the all-star...

Between the Posts 7/6/2012


BTP has been gone for a little bit, but I plan on bringing it back on a daily basis in the next month or so. There just hasn't been that much to talk about in the world of sports over the last...

4th of July Eve Open Thread


The 4th being in the middle of the week really stinks if you cannot take any extra days off. Tonight is really the holiday night for me because I have to go back to work on Thursday. The only...

Between the Posts 6/18/12


So, this evening I was searching the MCM home page and stats for something for this upcoming Scavenger Hunt when I read and realized something... Munch conquered a milestone that we would have...

Between the Posts 6/8/2012


Peyton Manning is apparently living in Mike Shanahan's house. You shouldn't be surprised that he has not bought a house yet. It is probably because he can't really throw the football, and he is...

Between the Posts 6/6/2012


Tonight I want your feelings on those stupid "House Divided" license plates. In case you don't know what they are, some people drive around with a thing on the car with two college teams...

Between the Posts 6/5/2012


Another BTP with an article from Greg Cosell. This time he talks about how good Jay Cutler is even though his numbers say that he isn't that good. Cosell says that people don't give Cutler enough...


Between the Posts 6/3/2012


Today has been a pretty slow day outside of the news that Justin Blackmon got arrested for a DUI. Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals takes place tonight in Boston. Do a lot of you watch the...

Between the Posts 6/2/2012


Tonight I want to rant about the MLB.TV deal. I bought it this year because I have given up satellite, at least until football season starts, so I had a little bit of extra money. I decided it...

Between the Posts 6/1/2012


Jeff Passan has a really good article on the ridiculousness that goes on between players and umpires in Major League Baseball on pretty much a nightly basis. There is a lot of talk in that article...

Between the Posts 5/31/2012


Joe Vitt said today that he expects Drew Brees to be at training camp: "What else is he going to do? He can't sing or dance." This whole bounty gate thing has been good for Brees. It is not like...

Between the Posts 5/30/2012


Greg Cosell, who I have featured in the BTP before, has written another excellent article. This time he takes aim at QB wins. We are obviously all too familiar with how pointless those numbers...

Between the Posts 5/29/2012


Welcome to the triumphant return of Between the Posts. We took a little bit of time off last week with all of the auditions for contributors here going on. We should have a final decision on all...

Between the Posts 5/21/2012


Titus Young has been asked not to attend the Lions OTAs because he sucker-punched Louis Delmas last week. The Lions have a lot of really interesting characters on their team. Rolondo McClain, on...

Between the Posts 5/19/2012


Megatron was dropping bombs in batting practice last night before the Tigers played the Pirates in Detroit. Mocking the Draft is doing a rookie fantasy football tournament. They have seeded 32...

Between the Posts 5/18/2012


Kerry Wood retired today. It was announced this morning that he had come to that decision, but that he wanted to make one final appearance because he didn't want to go out on a bad performance. ...

Between the Posts 5/17/2012


I hesitate to do this because I am so sick of the concussion story, but it is a question that has been coming up a lot recently- is the concussion issue going to be the death of the National...

Between the Posts 5/16/2012


The Saints are going to leave a seat open for Sean Payton in team meetings and on the team bus this season. That is so cute. Skechers has been ordered to pay $40 million in false advertising...

MCM Evening Links To Go Out On


Evening topics to comment on

Between the Posts 05/15/12


Off-season discussion thread

Between the Posts 05/14/12


Between the post takes yo into the night with Reggie Watts

Between the Posts 5/12/2012


The San Diego Chargers have announced that they will retire Junior Seau's number in a halftime ceremony during the week 2 game against the Titans. That is the Chargers home opener. No surprise...

Between the Posts 5/11/2012


What is the best book you have ever read? It can be sports or otherwise. I have started reading Living on the Black by John Feinstein. I really like it so far. Another question along the same...

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