AFC South Position Group Comparisons: QBs

Earlier last week I began a series on comparing the respective position groups for the AFC South. Today (well, technically tonight, because I'm writing this late at night) I will be writing up about the QBs that call the AFC South home.

Previous entries:




Team: Indianapolis Colts

Players: Chandler Harnish, Matt Hasselbeck, Andrew Luck

Analysis: Andrew Luck. He seriously sucks and everyone hates him The name that rings in the media's ears and hearts on a daily basis. Especially Paul Kuharsky's. Anyway, we all know what Luck is. He's a good QB, and will probably be a great QB in due time. He has that magic ability to lead his team to dramatic 4th quarter victories, he has that knack for making big time throws and big time plays, and channeling his inner Superman by recovering a fumble and jumping into the endzone with it, thus dubbing him the greatest human being of all time as a smart, heady player. But for as hyped as he is by the media, the fact remains he's not quite yet in that elite category. He does throw a lot of interceptions, and that's probably what's holding him back from that elite category. Obviously at this point, Luck is just going to get better and better, but he's not the super Godlike-unstoppable-HOF-QB he's made out to be. A familiar face resides at the backup spot, former Titan Matt Hasselbeck. Hass is getting on up there in age, but he's got a nice cushy job he can ride out for a few more years, being Luck's backup. Hass is a classy guy so I feel bad for him being on the Colts roster. Harnish would be the 3rd QB on the roster if Indy elects to keep 3 QBs, but I don't see why they would at this point. There's really no point in going any further with other team's analysis because it's clear no one will ever surpass Andrew Luck's greatness, the rest of the NFL might as well give up while they're at it.

DD's Projected Opening Day Depth Chart: Andrew Luck (starter), Matt Hasselbeck


Team: Jacksonville Jaguars

Players: Blake Bortles, Chad Henne, Stephen Morris, Ricky Stanzi

Analysis: The Jaguars go into next season telling everyone the job is Chad Henne's. While we all know Chad Henne is a mediocre QB at best, I believe it's smart to let Bortles sit and learn. The Jaguars need to avoid another Blaine Gabbert situation at all costs. The only way to do that is to allow Bortles time to learn the offense instead of throwing him into the fire before he's ready. Bortles is a big-armed QB who has good wheels as well. His draft stock soared after UCF's great season. There are some (including myself) who have their doubts about Bortles, however. He seemed to be a one-hit wonder down at UCF, as I'd say most people haven't even heard of him till last season. This isn't saying he won't be a good NFL QB, but I don't think his ceiling is as high as a guy like Teddy Bridgewater. He's got the physical tools to succeed, but we will see if that results in NFL success. In the mean time, Henne will take the reigns and lead the Jaguars offense. Henne has shown flashes of decent QB play at times, but on the whole, he's been a very "meh" QB. He's got the experience in Gus Bradley's system, so perhaps he will play better this season. Jags fans might be clamoring for Bortles by season's end, though.

DD's Projected Opening Day Depth Chart: Chad Henne (starter), Blake Bortles, Ricky Stanzi


Team: Houston Texans

Players: Ryan Fitzpatrick, Case Keenum, Tom Savage

Analysis: Houston said goodbye to long-time starter Matt Schaub in the offseason, trading him to Oakland. It was believed Houston would target their new franchise QB in the draft. I fully believe if Teddy Bridgewater had been on the board for them, they'd have selected him at the beginning of Rd 2. Thank you Minnesota. As it stands, Houston signed former Titan Ryan Fitzpatrick and drafted Tom Savage of Pittsburgh. Coach Bill O'Brien named Fitzpatrick the starter recently. I suppose when you look at it, Fitz probably offers more as a starter at this point in his career than does Keenum or Savage. Some in the media think Fitz has enough to make Houston a playoff contender. I'm not sure what Ryan Fitzpatrick they watched last year, because that didn't look like a QB capable of taking a team to the playoffs. Regardless, he is their main man, and if he has gotten over his habit of throwing very untimely interceptions, he is a decent starter. I doubt he has, because he's Fitz. As for Savage, I don't really think he's got great NFL potential, but O'Brien seems to be able to develop QBs pretty well, so we'll see what he can do.

DD's Projected Opening Day Depth Chart: Ryan Fitzmagic (starter), Case Keenum, Tom Savage


Team: Tennessee Titans

Players: Jake Locker, Zach Mettenberger, Charlie Whitehurst, Tyler Wilson

Analysis: We all know where our QB discussion begins and ends: Jake Locker. If Jake Locker stays healthy for 16 games I fully believe he will produce good numbers. He was well on his way last season prior to his injury vs the Jets. The 0 INTs in 4 games speaks for itself. However, it's been Jake's inability to stay on the field that has gotten in the way of his development. We all know this is his make or break year. He needs to stay healthy and prove he's a franchise QB, else we'll be going in another direction next year. Whitehurst is not the answer though, he was brought over because of his famliarity with Whiz's system. If he sees the field any this year, rest assured we are screwed. Mettenberger is exactly what Whiz wants in a QB. Big guy, strong arm, pocket passer. He may be the future if Locker does not pan out. Here's to Jake tearing up the league this year.

DD's Projected Opening Day Depth Chart: Jake Locker (starter), Charlie Whitehurst, Zach Mettenberger


So, here is how I would rank the QB group from bottom to top in the AFC South:

4) Jacksonville Jaguars. Chad Henne is not the answer, but the Jaguars know it. Things might change when Blake Bortles takes the reigns, but that isn't this year. So they're stuck with Henne, and while he's bound to get better, there's probably not much improvement to be made there.

3) Houston Texans. Fitzmagic won't suddenly turn into an elite NFL starting QB just by going to Houston. They will soon find that out. Savage may be the future, but it's murky right now and rolling with Fitz is anything but comforting.

2) Tennessee Titans. I believe in Jake Locker. Us Titans fans might be the only ones who do, but I believe what a healthy Jake Locker provides is better than what Chad Henne or Ryan Fitzpatrick can offer a team. If Jake's hurt at any point, we probably head to the cellar of the QB groups in this division. That's how un-confident I am in Charlie Whitehurst.

1) Indianapolis Colts. Feelings aside, Andrew Luck is the best QB in the division. Although in a division with Chad Henne, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and an oft-injured Jake Locker as the other starters, it's not that hard of a feat to accomplish. Here's to you for falling arse-backwards into the top spot, Indy.

So there you have it.

Thanks for reading, next time we'll take a look at the WR groups.

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