10 Worst Draft Picks in Titans History.

I've been absent from MCM recently so thought I would get back into the community by giving my opinion on the worst draft picks in Titans history. For those of you playing at home, this is TITANS history, we're going to only go from 1999 - Present with this and not consider Oilers players for this exercise. Also this is pretty much strictly limited to the Titans, so guys who have gone on to have careers in the league but didn't do anything for the Titans may be on this list. This is my opinion, but you should remember that if Ron Burgundy says's the truth.

10 - Byron Frisch - DE - 3rd Round / 2000 Draft

Remember Byron? Neither do I, because he did jack s*** after being a third-round pick. I think he is overlooked now due to bigger busts that have been more recent, but he really was just a terrible pick who did absolutely nothing for the Titans, contributing zero in his one year hear. After that, it was two uneventful years with the Giants and Cowboys where he amassed 15 tackles and 5 sacks for his career before being done as a pro football player. Fun fact, according to Wikipedia, he was charged last year with mail fraud.

9 - Derrick Morgan - DE - 1st Round / 2010

Just kidding.

9 - Shad Meier - TE - 3rd Round / 2001

This franchise hasn't been great in the second and third rounds...Meier adds to that list. A TE out of Kansas State, he spent four years with the team and in his best year had 13 receptions for 159 yards and 2 TDs. He then spent a year with the Saints before fading into oblivion.

8 - Rich Gardner - CB - 3rd Round / 2004

I really have nothing to say, guy did absolutely nothing here.

7 - Tyrone Calico - WR - 2nd Round / 2003

Oh Tyrone...I remember being so excited we got him after he shot up draft boards thanks to being quite the physical specimen, and being hyped locally for being from MTSU. Calico was supposed to be that true, big-bodied number one wideout this team had really never had since coming to town, but it never happened. It could be argued that Roy Williams is to blame for Calico being on this list, but Calico never was able to put it all together and therefore goes down as a bad pick.

6 - Donnie Nickey - S - 5th Round / 2003

It's just obligatory I put him on here. He's not really a bust and actually should be considered a big success as a draft pick considering he was a fifth round pick.

6 - Paul Williams - WR - 3rd Round / 2007

We've had some terrible receivers on this team and some terrible picks, Williams should be remembered as one of the worst even as third round pick. Literally one reception for seven yards is his entire NFL career. Go ahead, go to and look for yourself, I'll wait...see?! Bust.

5 - Andre Woolfolk - CB - 1st Round / 2003

Woolfolk earns a higher spot on this list by virtue of being a first round pick, and not really doing anything after that. Sure, he was here for four years but during that time he only started 12 games and over his career had three (that's the number 3) INTs. Now for a DE like Derrick Morgan, I don't expect INTs all the time (a majority of the time, sure, but not all the time); for a CB, I would expect better than one per year. Woolfolk's a bust and again, kind of the forgotten bust thanks to some bigger names that came in the following years.

4 - Chris Henry - RB - 2nd Round / 2007

Henry looked the part but that didn't translate into on-the-field production. He should definitely be considered one of Reinfeldt's "workout warrior" picks, those kind of guys are the guys I would take a chance on in the fourth round on, but in the second round I want someone (especially at RB) who had way more production in college than 581 yards and 7 TDs his final year (where he was the starter) in college. Lo and behold...he sucked with the Titans. A grand total of 121 yards and 3 TDs over three years with the team. Luckily, the next year the team got it oh-so-right with a Combine Superstar at running back.

3 - Jared Cook - TE - 3rd Round / 2009

Yep, I'm doing it. I'm putting Cook on here as one of the worst picks. All those flashes of brilliance but never did put it all together. Now was he statiscally one of the worst? No, but he gets on here for the frustrating flashes, and because the Titans gave up a 2010 2nd rounder to be able to get Cook. The lesson here: never trade with the Patriots.

2 - Kenny Britt - WR - 1st Round / 2009

Yeah, I'm doing this too. Now that he is no longer here, I think it is fair to say Britt is one of the worse(r) picks by the Titans. Another guy who showed flashes but never put it together, his best year here he had 775 yards and 9 TDs on 42 receptions, but the guy could've been a Calvin Johnson type if he had just been able to put it all together. Gets the first-round bump up the list too.

1 - Vince Young - QB - 1st Round / 2006

Could it be anyone else? Yes, we all know he just won games, but the guy was the third overall pick back in an era when first round picks got massive contracts for doing nothing, and then after a magical rookie year that is basically what he did. Maybe he didn't get great coaching or put in a scheme that could maximize his talents, but at this point that is all water under the bridge and those arguments don't need to be re-hashed here. Young does, however, get the number one spot on worst Titans picks and it's really not even close.

Now, some of you are probably asking, "Ron, where's Adam Jones?" Well, dear reader, I seriously considered it and his short career here (two years) while being a Top 10 pick probably warrants inclusion alone on the list, but I just couldn't do it because I feel like even in those two years ON THE FIELD he contributed and was an electric return man while being a good corner as well. We all know about the off field issues, but I tried not to take those into consideration so much when doing this list.

So, MCM...who are your worst picks in Titans history?

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