My favorite 2014 UDFA pick up for the Tennessee Titans.

Streeter Lecka

James Gayle is criminally underrated and can be a force for the Titans. (with gifs)

Every year there are teams that snatch great UDFAs off of the open market, and they turn them into very valuable role players. The only problem is, it seems like the Titans haven't been one of those teams in the past 4-5 years. However, this year the Titans took a player I had a third round grade on, and a player I thought would go make a killing in Seattle, San Francisco, St. Louis, or one of those other teams that horde promising pass rushers.

James Gayle is a 6'4" 260 DE/OLB, that had 22 sacks, 40.5 TFLs and started 39 games during his career with Virginia Tech. Gayle is a great pass rushing threat that will be able to come in and spell the older pass rushers the Titans currently have.

1. Speed rusher

The Titans really don't have a young outside speed rusher, especially one suited for the 3-4. Wimbley and Phillips are both on the second half of their career, and Morgan and Ayers are more speed to power rushers. Gayle gives Tennessee another tool in their toolbox.

Gayle has exceptional quickness and can pin his ears back and bend the corner well.

Another rush, all one play just different angles.

Earlier I bragged about Gayle's pure speed, but here is a speed-to-power move against one of the best RTs in college football last year, Seantrel Henderson. Great move and finish.

2. Can be a load to move despite his size

Gayle will likely start out his career as a rotational pass rusher, but he isn't like a Dee Ford who you can run at whenever you want.

Here he sees the run action coming to him, bursts pasts the blockers and makes the tackle despite being wedged in between the guard and tackle.

3. Trailing ability, no L.O.E.s

L.O.E.s are plays in games where the player doesn't appear to even be trying. Standing for Lack Of Effort, players that can play without these are highly valuable to defensive coordinators who value generally value effort and consistency a lot more than just pure athleticism.

Here he trails the play despite biting on the fake. It turns out that the runner tries to cutback only to get thumped by Gayle.

Here he trails the quarterback on a sprint play and cleans up a tackle from the backside.

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