Where DaQuan Jones wins (with gifs)

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

What the Titans saw in DaQuan Jones and where he wins.

DaQuan Jones was my top available player coming into Day 3 of the draft, so obviously I really liked the pick. Jones is a great natural anchor that wreaks havoc on ZBS teams that can't move him out of the gap, but he also has deceptive pass rushing ability. Jones can play any position on a 3-4 DL, and 3-tech and 1-tech in a 4-3 so it is no wonder that Ray Horton and company loved him.

Here are some highlights of his abilities.

1. Understanding and execution of the "hump move" and other disengaging techniques.

If you don't know about the hump move as a pass rushing technique, this is a great/quick video.

Now that you know what that looks like, this is a textbook version of that move in action.

Coaches tape

Here he is throwing a combination swim move/hump against the guard and center in quick succession. For a big DT, this sort of recognition, diagnosis, and execution is outstanding. He gets held at the end which should have been called but the disruption is still valuable.

2. Deceptive closing speed

Someone that is listed at 6'4" 320+ lb., shouldn't be able to build up speed so quickly.

3. Ability to anchor and clog a hole

The gif below shows his ability to impact a play (holds up both RT and RG in the would-be running lane) even without making the tackle. When he isn't penetrating he is difficult to move, and will drive pulling guards and double teams crazy. Look at how many red jerseys end up getting stuck in the B-gap (5 including the running back).

4. Other

Some plays and traits are hard to put into words, so here are some other standout clips that really impressed me.

This is him throwing Michigan's right guard (notice Lewan doing some work as a blocking tight end, something the Titans should consider early) and buckling the running back.

Here is Jones absolutely living in the backfield after a controlled bullrush and the patience to read where the running back would go before shedding his block to make the TFL.

Here he is wreaking havoc, but he gets a little too overzealous and misses the sack. Great pressure though and something that a more talented defensive line will value.

Similar play here, except it shows why he could easily play as a 5-tech for the Titans.

5. Effort and stamina

Note the time stamp on this final play. Penn State needed a big stop on a 3rd and inches. Jones eats up the offensive tackle and fullback which closes the gap that the running back is supposed to hit, and then makes a tackle for loss. Oh, and by the way, this is in the third overtime period of the game. Great stamina from a 275 lb. guy, but from a 320+ guy who has been living in the backfield all night, that sort of play is outstanding.

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