5 late-round options that could be a C.J. replacement for the Tennessee Titans

Andy Lyons

Which five late rounders will cost the Titans practically nothing?

Chris Johnson is gone, and while he was a huge part of the organization's recent history all sides new this day was coming sooner rather than later.

Now that it is done, it is time to officially look at replacement candidates. Everyone and their mother has Carlos Hyde mocked to the Titans in round two, and while that would be a solid deal there is a strong chance that that move will never happen. Whether value gets in the way or whether the Titans just feel comfortable with what they have on the roster already, there are many variables in the NFL Draft equation.

These five are Day Three prospects that could compete for a spot in the Titans new running back by committee offense.

5. Lache Seastruk, Baylor

Seastrunk reminds me a lot of a poor-man's LeSean Shady McCoy. While his vision and decision making are questionable, he is a shifty running back that can run through contact. He also doesn't dance in the backfield nearly as much as McCoy does.

4. Rajion Neal, Tennessee

Really a running back that does not get a lot of credit, Neal was a productive running back in the SEC despite have suspect players on an over-hyped offensive line. Neal is a tough runner, and essentially all Tennessee skill players look better in the NFL than they did in college for some random reason, but I would feel comfortable investing in a kid like Neal.

3. Storm Johnson, UCF

Another one-cut style of running back, Johnson isn't as intimidating as his name sounds. While he does run through contact, he is more of a consistent force rather than an explosive presence.

2. Terrance West, Towson

West isn't going to amaze you on this tape, but he is a very smart player who produces despite a terrible offensive line. Despite his size he can be useful as a pass blocker, but he looks like a player that (with NFL blockers and coaching) can develop a balanced running back.

1. Devonta Freeman, FSU

Freeman is probably the most underrated running back prospect in this draft class right now. His speed and shiftiness are the closest facsimile to (young) Chris Johnson in this draft, and he will likely be available in round four. This is a player who would be a nice compliment to Shonn Greene and Jackie Battle as the finesse player, but he is also someone that can bang around in between the tackles. Fun guy to watch.

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