Mock draft...traded back with the jets to 18 for a 2nd and a 3rd round pick for our first and seventh rounders



#18 : Anthony Barr (OLB, UCLA)

I like this pick because I think Barr can immediately contribute in pass rushing situations and could develop quickly into a starter. I liked us grabbing Phillips, but he's more of a stopgap guy at this point in his career. I know we have some guys who could step up in the new scheme (looking at you Ayers), but you can never have too many capable pass rushers in this league.

#42 : Allen Robinson (WR, PSU)

Being a PSU fan, I got to see Robinson work his magic alot last season. He made some amazing circus catches and accounted for the majority of Penn State's receiving yards. He's got great hands, and could be our eventual Nate Washington replacement. I liked the value here and he would be a solid WR 4 for now.

#49 : Shane Skov (ILB, Stan)

I still think this is one of our biggest areas of need. I like Woodyard but I'm still skeptical of his immediate impact. We grab Skov here, and have another ILB to bring in for some competition. Skov had a solid career at Stanford. He's a solid tackler and a great fit for when we line up in 3-4 packages.

#65 : Carlos Hyde (RB, Ohio St)

Hyde was a monster at Ohio State last year. He showed plenty of power to drop his shoulder and run people over, while also showing the burst to pull away when he got open space. I think he could be a workhorse and could definitely slide into our rotation at RB.

#112 : Aaron Murray (QB, Ga)

I liked Murray at this point in the draft. He was very solid the last couple years. I think he could sit and learn and atleast be an eventual capable back up. He could basically ease into the system and he couldn't be worse than Rusty as our third QB.

#151 : Matt Patchan (OT, BC)

Another project OT, had some hot and cold games. He could step in as a backup for now.

#186 : Aaron Colvin (CB, OK)

Colvin was one of the best rated DB's in this draft before the injury. He could come in and basically redshirt this season while Mcourty, BWW, and Coty handle the majority of the snaps this season. This is a solid value pick if he comes back playing anywhere near the level he was at when he was injured.

Feel free to let me know what you guys think. I would appreciate any feedback you guys have.

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