The Offseason of DD, #5

Right now I am too lazy/tired to link the previous posts I've made, and they all suck so there's no point in doing that anyway.

I'm just gonna jump right in to this post, I'm going to type out my thoughts on the Titans free agent signings that have taken place since Tuesday and before this post. I will cover re-signings of our own players separately at the end, and all at once.

Note that most of the things I will say are simply opinion and may not reflect your own personal thoughts.


Player: Dexter McCluster

Previous Stop(s): Ole Miss Rebels, Kansas City Chiefs

Thoughts: I am a fan of this signing. We've all been curious as to whether or not Whiz would search for someone to fill the "Danny Woodhead" role that Woodhead himself created in San Diego last season. We got that answer pretty quickly as McCluster was the first non-Titan signed in this free agency period. McCluster will be used in a variety of ways on offense, both as WR and as RB, and he'll also likely hold down the punt return spot. (It will be nice to have a RB that doesn't have stone hands when attempting to catch a pass out of the backfield, but I digress) For once, I am 100% confident in our return units ... McCluster is going to do great things for this offense and for this team as a whole. His contract is reasonable as well. This signing gave me hopes for another stellar free agency, but we'll address that later ...

DD's Grade: B+


Player: Al Woods (aka Al "BEASTYBEAST" Woodz)

Previous Stop(s): LSU Tigers, Pittsburgh Steelers

Thoughts: I had honestly never heard of this guy when we signed him. That doesn't mean he's a bad player though. It also doesn't mean he's good. Time will determine that. Steelers fans seemed to want to keep him, so there's that. He apparently can line up at any spot on the defensive line, and we've seen that the FO likes guys who are versatile. My worry is that he turns out to be Sammie Lee Hill 2.0, aka a guy who some people thought would be a diamond in the rough, stand-out type player if given the chance to start, yet does the exact opposite and fades away from relevance completely. His contract for this year is pretty cheap, so it gives us the chance to see if he's really any good or not. If he is, he'll see the 2nd year of that contract, if he's not, he'll be cut and we'll wash our hands of him.

DD's Grade: C


Player: Charlie Whitehurst (aka CLIPBOARD JESUS!)

Previous Stop(s): Clemson Tigers, San Diego Chargers (x2), Seattle Seahawks

Thoughts: Where to begin with this one ... sheesh. Well, he saved us like a whole 1 mil in salary cap space, but is a pretty significant dropoff from Ryan Fitzpatrick at QB2, which is saying a lot. You have to be pretty terrible to be significantly worse than Fitzmagic. Whitehurst is a career backup, which is honestly quite surprising that he's made it this long in the league being on NFL rosters. On one hand, I understand the move (hence why I don't grade it as a straight up F). He was with Whiz last year in SD, so he has some sort of knowledge of the offense. That is the only reason he was brought in, if Whiz was not the coach then this guy would be looking for a bench and clipboard somewhere else. I guess having someone with familiarity of the system is good. And regardless of who is the backup, if Locker gets hurt at any point this season we are screwed anyway. Might as well ensure you're screwed if that happens. Clipboard Jesus, baby.

(Fun fact: Whitehurst was actually traded to Seattle in 2010 for a 3rd round pick in 2011, and SD/SEA swapped 2nd round picks in the 2010 draft. How ever the heck San Diego fleeced Seattle out of a pick for this guy, they need to share their technique to the Titans so we can trade ME-J to someone for a 3rd rounder)

DD's Grade: D-


Player: Wesley Woodyard

Previous Stop(s): Kentucky Wildcats, Denver Broncos

Thoughts: I like Woodyard. He is a former University of Kentucky player, which is not likeable, but he's a southern guy and so I know he definitely jumped at the opportunity to return to a place closer to home. He was a captain in Denver for some time (I am unsure of when, but I know he was one at some point). He seems a bit undersized (at least that's what I heard on the radio this afternoon) and is a liability in the run game, but he has solid coverage skills. Maybe we'll finally cover a TE? One miracle at a time I guess. I believe his contract lessens the cap hit for this year so, again, another solid contract. The question will be whether he can play consistently well here, and no one knows the answer to that until the season kicks off. I presume he will be a starter though, so he gets full opportunity to prove himself. Can't be any worse than Moise Fokou.

DD's Grade: B-


Player: Michael Oher

Previous Stop(s): Ole Miss Rebels, Baltimore Ravens

Thoughts: In hindsight, many Titans fans that aren't MCMers or hardcore students of the game will see this as a great pick. I think this, nay, I KNOW this, because I've seen it plastered all over local Tennessee news channels' Facebook pages. "HEY, YEAH, THAT'S THE D00D WHO WAS IN THAT FOOTBAWL MOVIE 'THE BLIND SIDE' !!!!1111!!11!1 HE HAS TO BE REALLY GOOD AT FOOTBAWLZ!!!!!11!!" And that's all well and good, I'm glad they can get some semblance of excitement over this move, because soon enough it's gonna end. The truth hurts, as Oher was one of the NFL's worst OT's last season for the Ratbirds. He allowed a team-high 8 sacks, and he graded as the worst run blocker out of linemen that played at least 50% of his team's snaps. In other words, he was awful. So what do the Titans go out and do? They give him 9.5 mil guaranteed. They did this because they feared he would head to Oakland and get a fat contract like everyone else seemingly has this offseason. If I didn't know any better, I'd say Whiz wants to get Jake Locker killed so his boy Whitehurst can play, and/or they can move on from Locker and get a new QB soon. Jokes (maybe, maybe not)! I would have drafted an O-linemen in Rd 1 or 2 or just rolled with Stingily. This move is just crazy and I really dislike it. Michael Oher is a great dude, good story and all that. I just don't think he's a good player, but I hope he proves me wrong because he is your starting RT for the Tennessee Titans in 2014.

DD's Grade: D-


Well we've covered all of our signings so far that were non-Titans. Now I'll reflect on the Titans we brought back. I love love love love bringing back Pollard. His leadership and edge he plays with would have been sorely missed. That and he made Griffin not suck last year. Pollard and McCluster is by far my favorite moves so far this offseason. I'm glad we brought back RoPo. He was solid and should fit in this new system fairly well. Leon was a decent re-sign, but will most likely be relegated to KR only if he even makes the final 53 man roster. McCluster might beat him out for both punts and kicks. Jackie Battle was brought back because he hit Larry Fitzgerald really hard on an onside kick. Don't fool yourself into thinking he was brought back for any reason besides being a special teams body. If he touches the ball at any point on offense in the regular season, then something horrible has happened to the other RBs.

In other randomness, I hope we take a flier on Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie for cheap. I think it would be a brick in the wall (GO VOLS! #BRICKBYBRICK) that Verner blasted through on his way out of town. I'm sure that won't happen though as it seems they will let BWW grab hold of the reigns. Spikes was just signed by Buffalo, so that dream is dead. There's no one out there really I think would make a big impact. I'd say the Titans are likely done making any moves except for a few signings here or there before the draft.

We better do work in the draft. That's all I got to say. Wacky offseason so far, not very good overall. Not time to panic yet, but keep your eyes peeled. Whiz could be shaking things up even more between now and opening kickoff.

Regardless, GO TITANS, and thanks for reading.

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