Titans Top Ten Cap Hits 2014



Join me fellow Titans fanatics for a look at the top ten cap hits for 2014.

1. Chris Johnson - $10 million - We save $6 million by cutting CJ2K. The Titans are currently listening to nonexistent trade offers. Johnson will definitely be cut soon. I really hope he doesn't end up in the AFC South, that would be just too weird.

2. Andy Levitre - $8.6 million - We won't be saving $200 thousand to cut Levitre this year, that's for sure.

3. Jason McCourty - $8.3 million - $2.9 million would be the savings, if we were on drugs and wanted to cut J-Mac. I don't think the front office will offer ATV more money than McCourty to play the number two spot, nor should they. Verner isn't coming back to Tennessee, mainly because everyone is afraid to throw at J-Mac.

4. Michael Griffin - $8.0 million - It's a good thing Griffin has been playing extremely well lately, because cutting him would only save $2.4 million.

5. Kamerion Wimbley - $7.8 million - If we cut Kam, we'd save $2.4 million.

6. Michael Roos - $6.625 million - There is no dead money if we were to cut Roos. He's on the final year of his contract, but appears to have a few good years left.

7. David Stewart - $6.4 million - We save all $6.4 million if we cut Big Country who is also on the final year of his contract. Stewart battled a leg and shoulder injury last season and rarely ever practiced with his teammates. When healthy, David Stewart is among the best Tackles in all of football. Whether he is cut or not, it would be wise to draft his replacement this year.

8. Nate Washington - $4.8 million - If it were up to me, Nate Washington would get an extra million dollar raise this year for his outstanding consistent play, leadership, and the pure heart that he has shown over the past few years. Tennessee stands to save all $4.8 million if he were cut.

9. Craig Stevens - $4.4 million - $2.4 million could be saved if we "Cat Stevens."

10. Ryan Fitzpatrick - $4.125 million - $3.25 million should be saved by cutting Fitzpatrick. This needs to happen. Ryan will make more than Delanie Walker, Derrick Morgan, Sammie Hill, Jake Locker, and literally everyone else on the team not listed above. Ryan plays like a starter, but will throw interceptions, break your heart, and get everyone fired. He's been doing it consistently for his entire career.

There you have it Titans faithful. Thank you for reading and don't forget to make your voice heard in the comments section below. Here is a fancy poll for you as well. Go Titans..

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