I'm Going to Make a Case for Trading for Clowney

First things first.

Phase I >
The Titans biggest needs are pretty simple in the 2014 off season.

1 - DE / Pass Rushing specialist
2 - MLB
3 - OT
(You could argue CB / S if Verner and/or Pollard are not resigned. However Wilson is a good, not great alternative for Pollard and BWW could effectively take over for ATV is he leaves. This would still leave the depth issue, but we'll get to that later).

That leaves the Titans with the original 3 significant needs. DE, MLB and OT. Currently the Titans have about 7-8million in cap space. With the almost certain release of D.Stewart that would increase it to approximately 13 million... and the possible release of CJ would increase it to around 18million. On to Phase II >

FREE AGENCY 2014 (titans would have roughly 18 million to spend with the 2 previously listed cuts)

Top DE's in 2014 FA
1 G.Hardy (Car)
2 M.Johnson (Cin)
3 J.Allen (Min)
4 J.Tuck (NYG)
5 other 3-5 mid level talents

Top LB's in 2014 FA
1 D.Butler (SD)
2 B.Orakpo (Wash)
3 K.Dansby (Ari)
4 other mid level talents

Top 5 OT's in 2014 FA
1 B.Albert (KC)
2 J.Gross (Car)
3 M.Oher (Bal)
4 Z.Strief (NO)
5 other mid level and veteran talents

There aren't a lot of good DE's (I believe Hardy will probably be Tagged or Resigned) and M.Johnson is going to be insanely expensive. Allen and Tuck aren't very young, but still have some left in the tank. Both will still probably get a decent amount of $.

LB's are another story. If the Titans got any of the top 3 LB's they would be in a very good position going into the draft and they will have the cap space to do it in this scenario. We'll say they manage to pull in Orakpo. ILB = solved.

The Free Agency OT market is going to have some pretty decent players. The 4 that I listed above would all be viable short-term solutions (2-3 years) for the loss of Stewart although they will probably cost quite a bit to sign. We'll say the Titans manage to sign Strief from the Saints.

If the Titan's hold true to what they did last season in Free Agency, I expect some aggression by Webster and this new staff. I sincerely believe they will have either a suitable OT and / or LB in place by the end of Free Agency. That leads us to Phase III >

I know this is all speculation, but the biggest need the Titans will have after Free Agency is a Pass Rush Specialist. Who is the most highly rated PRS in the 2014 Draft? You already know the answer to this question. Now the only question remains is what would it take to get the #2 pick from the Rams *if* the Texans draft a QB or J.Matthews with pick 1?

According to about every Draft Trade Value Board out there, I believe the Titans could trade their 11 pick in 2014 and their #1 and #3 pick in 2015 to get Clowney at Pick #2 in the 2014 Draft. The Titans would still have the rest of their picks in the 2014 draft to be able to get an OT, RB or LB in the 2nd round and the rest of their draft picks in 2014 to deal with any depth issues they had from losing players (not to mention the late FA signings that will happen after the Draft).

Obviously this is based upon the Titans filling 2 of their 3 major needs in Free Agency and the Texans *not* selecting Clowney with the #1 pick. But it's a thought-provoking idea.

Here's my thoughts on the fall-out of this potential situation.

A - Clowney is drafted by the Texans or Jaguars = Possibly 2nd coming of Mario Williams in the AFC South and the Titans having to deal with it twice per season for at least the next X amount of years

B - Titans trade for Clowney and have 2 fewer draft selections in 2015 = Starting DE for the next generation + Nightmare for Andrew Luck and the 2 new rookie QB's (possibly Bridgewater, Bortles and / or Manziel) that will be starting for the Texans and Sparkle Kitties.

Crazier things have happened and with the new rookie pay scale these types of Trades are completely possible. Thoughts?

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