The Tennessee Titans should Re-Sign Vince Young

I know this is going to be considered insane by some, and you’ve certainly got a point if you feel that way, but bear with me. I think I can highlight the value Vince could have to the Titans in the 2014 season.

This franchise has a real chance to right the wrongs of previous staffs and front office executives. If the FO decides to appoint an exciting, open-minded Head Coach or Offensive Coordinator then we’d be hard pressed to find a better low-risk high-reward option than VY.


For one, the guy is legitimately physically talented; perhaps even more so than current signal caller Jake Locker. We all remember Vince’s epic runs – ball held at arm’s length, taking on linebackers with reckless abandon. I have absolutely no reason to think that Vince might have stopped working hard on his body or consumed too much cheesecake to be the athlete he once was.

On top of that he had a legitimate NFL arm. It might be a joke but any guy who can throw his pads all the way into the stands must surely be able to get some velocity on a football. It’s not a JaMarcus style rocket but he certainly won’t be throwing Manning style wobblers. He was criticised at times, often by me, for his problems with accuracy but I’m sure working with a fourth staff will sort of his problems. Mechanically it’s never been pretty but we’ve seen how well Tim Tebow could do with the sort of mechanics a HS coach would despair about. I’m sure VY can at least lead us to that level of success.


Vince has also proven to be very, very durable. Over the past two years he’s never featured on an injury report – which is really impressive for a guy who played with such a brave and reckless style. Certainly he’s been less injured than Locker over the course of the latter’s pro career. He’s also started less games but we all know that he’s been studying film and working on his craft.


For all that VY has drawn negative reviews over the years for his maturity, dedication and off-field activities (throwing his pads, not working hard, being arrested at a strip club) he’s hardly the level of headcase that this team is used to dealing with. When you compare him to Pacman or Kenny Britt he’s actually a very responsible young man who has made a few mistakes. He now owns two businesses (a steak house and a Cheesecake factory). Everyone who talks about him praises his leadership, mental strength and toughness. This isn’t the same man who appeared to refuse to go back into a game when he was booed.

Most importantly, Vince Young is a winner. He won in HS (basically everything there is to win), he won a Championship at Texas, his 30-17 record in TN is the best winning percentage by any Titan QB not named Steve McNair (even I was surprised by that). Nobody can deny that VY’s late game heroics were phenomenal. Who can forget his fourth quarter game winning drive vs. the Cardinals. Now I know Locker has comebacks against Detroit in 2012 and both SD and St Louis this year but none was as impressive as the 99 yard drive.


If we put VY in the position to succeed – he will do so. If we build an incredible offensive coaching staff (Mack Brown could be available and both men had the most success together… just an idea) Vince Young could lead this team to a title. Besides which, as he told the Texans, "he’s ready" – all he needs is a chance. If ALL OF THAT isn’t enough all I can say is that Vince is both broke and desperate, we could get him at absolute minimum… he can’t be worse than Fitz, right?

Vince Young: Still a better 12th Titan than Mason.

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